Posted: August 2nd, 2022

purpose statement

i need to create a purpose of the study by indicating the intent, goal, and rationale for researching the problem addressed in last week’s assignment.  The purpose statement should begin with “The purpose of this (quantitative, qualitative, mixed) study is to…”  Use the following list to create the purpose statement: 

1. Study method

2. Study design

3. Constructs/variables

4. Target population

5. Research setting

6. Sampling frame

7. Sampling method

8. Sample size (Justified by scholarly sources and a power analysis for quantitative studies)

9. Data collection method (including instrumentation)

10. Data analysis method

11. Software to be used for analysis

12. Closing statement as to how the study results may inform educational theory

Length: Approximately 1 page, not including title and reference pages

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