Posted: August 2nd, 2022


TRAINPLANSTAFFHW xExercise50TestInterviewValidation

Reading: Chapter 10 – The Selection Interview (Gatewood)

Reading: Chapter 11 – Ability Tests for Selection (Gatewood)

Reading:   Chapter 12 – Personality Assessment for Selection (Gatewood)

Hello Students:

In this exercise, merely look at the correlation coefficient of the test vs.  interview vs combined data (0.391 vs 0.649 vs. 0.631) ) and ask the question, is there any incremental validity to adding a test to the selection process?    A similar discussion of this type scenario was discussed in Chapter 8.  

You do not have to do a scatter diagram and the number two “question” statements were there to give added information. It may not have served its purpose.  The added test would cost the company $40.00 an employee.  Is it worth it to take the time to administer the test, have the applicant take the test and potentially antagonize those who resent taking such a test?

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