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The following case study has four tasks to complete.  Each task has a value of 5 points.  


 A large pharmaceutical company located in the Northeast is one of the leading manufactures of pharmaceuticals in the United States.  Because of the intense competition in the industry and the heightened competition for highly skilled personnel, the company believes that quality-of-work-life (QWL) is a key factor for achieving a competitive advantage.  In support of this belief, the company is considering the adoption of a telecommuting work arrangement for selected jobs.

The job of public relations specialist has been identified as an appropriate job for telecommuting because the job responsibilities are mostly information-related activities that require independent mental effort with no supervisory responsibility.   Exhibit 2.5 below contains the current job description for the public relations specialist, which reflects the primary job activities and qualifications for a full-time, in-office public relations specialist.  There is currently only one job incumbent, and that person has resigned.  

You have been asked to develop a plan for recruiting and hiring a replacement who will telecommute from home.

A.  What method of job analysis do you recommend to determine the job requirements and job specifications for a telecommuting job?  Is the method you recommend different from the method you would use if the job were performed in a traditional office environment?

B. What procedures do you recommend from recruiting and hiring a telecommuter?  Are the procedures you recommend different from the procedures you would use if the job were performed in a traditional office environment?  

C. What changes would you make to the job description in Exhibit 2.15 to reflect the telecommuting nature of the job? 

D. What other recommendation would you make in order to ensure the successful implementation of a telecommuting work arrangement? 

EXHIBIT 2.5 Job Description_
_______________________________________________________ ________    

Job Title:  Public Relations Specialist

Department:  Public Relations

Reports To:  Director of Public Relations 

General Summary:  Serves as a writer on numerous firm publications: coordinates materials; writes, edits, and proofs articles, public relations publications, and advertising copy.  

Essential Job functions:  

1. Writes, edits, and proofs public relations articles, newspaper copy, and human-interest stories. 

2. writes advertising copy in conjunction with the marketing department.  

3. Writes, edits, and coordinates printing and layout of or company newsletter. 

4. Meets with executives to determine public relations needs. 

5. Meets with media officials and the public to publicize firm’s accomplishments. 

6. Attends informational meetings at the main office on an as-needed basis. 

7. Gives presentation at meetings and other public events. 

8. Performs other related duties as assigned by management. 

Education and Experience Required:  Degree in art/graphic design; demonstrated ability to use computer hardware/software; some experience in television or public speaking; considerable knowledge of journalism principles, English grammar and usage; demonstrated ability to write newspaper, news, and human-interest articles, reports, brochures, and advertising copy; demonstrated ability to work and communicate effectively with others.  

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