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Your assignment is to begin analysis of the transcripts.

· First, read over both transcripts once all the way through to get a general sense of the whole for each participant.

· Now, take the transcripts Go through the text slowly, underlining key words or phrases that seem to indicate information related to a general concept (or category, dimension, theme, etc.).

· Write in the name of the concept next to where you’ve underlined.

· Try to identify concepts that occur in several places in the data.

· Some examples of possible concepts related to social and political relations (but please don’t limit yourself to these):

· Specific policies related to the pandemic

· Characteristics of elected officials and other political figures

· Implied views about “others” who are opposed to the participant’s views

· Categories of different kinds of people (in the local community, in the US)

· Feelings about particular events or encounters

· Predictions of future events or outcomes

· Etc.


Select 5-10 words or phrases that seem ambiguous to you.

· Ask several questions of each of these words/phrases.

For example:

What might this mean to the participant?

How does the participant know this?

Who are the implied actors involved?

What assumptions is the participant making?

When did this occur? For how long?

How unique is this view/idea to this participant, or is it a commonly-held view/idea?

Step 3

· Take the concepts make a rough diagram (or diagrams) of which concepts seem related to each other (and note the super-ordinate concept tying them together if you can). It can be draw in a piece of paper, take a picture then copy and paste the picture on document

· Also, be sure to separate concepts that really feel different to you (not opposite from each other but just separate from or independent of each other).

· You can use drawing tools, lines/arrows/shapes, font colors, and creative spacing of text on the page to indicate these relationships.


Participant: #1

Step 1 Example: Participant 1 transcript yellow is the key word red explanation/ significant

I: I wanted to ask you about your work experience during the pandemic period?

P1: Hmmm, issues of work have been critical, and as for me, job problem has affected my life and the family through the pandemic. This occurred after the company I worked for gave all workers a temporary leave (Example of a shared experience (negative work event)

due to pandemic measures and low productivity. So my work experience has been somehow challenging with much reliance on online jobs (Survival, adapting what is available)

to sustain the family.

I: How has the government, showing concern on the pandemic to its people on your side?

P1: Talking of the government, more support to ensure life continues with less challenge has been practical. The government has advocated for mental support (active role) as many families have experienced psychological distress through the pandemic.

I: So, you mean some families have experienced the mental issues?

P1: Yes. Most families with less insight into their daily living sources have experienced psychological problems, mostly the young families.

I: Ok, how is your perception of the societal interaction on the fight on the pandemic?

P1: Well, California regions are very diverse, and sometimes ethical issues affect the interaction. People have shown more concern in fighting the pandemic. For instance, some areas have had groups formed to donate foods tuffs and other essential commodities to disabled and less vulnerable families. This has shown great unity during the pandemic. Therefore, my perception is positive towards the interaction of societies during the pandemic through usual challenges that have to occur.

I: Ok, I appreciate your participation and feel motivated by your positive attitude in responding. Thank you.

Participant: #2

I: Ok, I first wanted to know how life has been during the pandemic?

P2: Well, as you know, the life of a single parent or divorced is not as easy as more challenges occur in raising a family. My life through the pandemic has been more challenging as through the course is when I experienced and encountered the divorce. Before the pandemic, I assure you, I had a good life with my husband, but as the pandemic hardened family life with less employment, my husband abandoned us, sending our life to the Valley. We lived together in Los Angeles City, but as challenges knocked, he let us back to Valley. So, life has been challenging as I have to put up and adjust to the societal lifestyle.

I: So, how are your perspectives of the pandemic effects on the Valley region for now?

P2: The pandemic has been so severe to all-region and economic sector in total. So, at the Valley, life is better than in the City as essential commodities can be acquired from the farms. Also, pandemic rate is less in the Valley as a more specious environment is present. So, I can say my perception is that the pandemic has less harm to society than those in cities.

I: How can you rate government influence on the society of the Valley during the pandemic?

P2: Hmmm, I can say the government has shown much support to its people regardless of ethnicity and race. More government support through psychological guides, essential support, and vaccines has been a great support. I feel thankful and hope we shall have such government in the future.

I: Could you give me some idea of how other regions over the state have shown their interaction during the pandemic?

P2: I don’t have much idea as I have been in the City most of my life. But I can say the state regions and societies have had good interaction in helping each other manage and control the pandemic spread mostly people in the Desert region.

I: Thanks for your time and good attitude of interaction. We could have much time to share more about the pandemic, but your kind nature humbles me. Thank you, and be blessed.

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