Posted: September 18th, 2022


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assignment is to read a recent article related to any physics concept ( magnetic field or, ohms law or refraction of light or kirchhoff’s rules any one of this topic you like ) covered in lab or lecture and write 400 to 600 words answering the following two components.


1. Summary: Summarize the content of the article. Describe what the study was investigating (what was the research question?), how they performed the research (experiments, observations, theoretical calculations, computer models, etc.), and what they found (what were the results?). State the facts as presented in the article. DO NOT copy any text from the article – summarize!


2. Critical Thinking: Describe how the results of the study may relate to the real-world issue/current event. (For
 example, what do the results of the study say about how we understand nature? Do the results of the study suggest the possibility of some new technology in the future? According to the results of the study, should there be any changes in programs, Policies, laws, or regulations? How should people think, feel, or act given the reported findings?)


At the end of your text, you must indicate the source you used. The format for the source is the following:

a. Journal article or book: Title of Article, Author, Publication, date of publication. The page numbers are required if a print source.

b. Website: exact URL and the date and time it was accessed.


Appropriate Sources: Credible sources only. The most likely sources will be publications such as Physics Today, Physics News, News, Scientific American, New Scientist, Health Physics Society Journal and many others. Wikipedia and any other news outlets which allow any public user to edit their contents are not appropriate sources.

You can also use newspapers, and internet articles. Just make sure that any internet sources you use are trustworthy. There is a lot of false information that can be obtained on the internet.)


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