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Ellenise Barbosa

Dr. Sun-Young Park

Social Media and Strategic Communication (COMM 372)


ABE Strategic Social Media Campaign


The anti-bias educational campaign is an intergenerational and intersectoral initiative to
teach and help people from different races and cultures understand differences and value a civil, respectful society fighting against gender stereotypes, prejudices, and different types of discrimination. It incorporates inclusive strategic perspectives and curriculum that advance students’ learning in creating and sustaining a respectful and inclusive learning community. The campaign is based on anti-bias films centered on justice, action, diversification, and identifying goals. Sparks et al. (2020) indicate a professional guide on identity, justice, activism, and diversity. It urges individuals to examine how they create an anti-bias and equitable experience for children. The campaign insists on the need for educators to guide the children and their families on the tools to adapt to thrive in a world full of diversity and make it an equitable and justifiable society.

Solutions to Problems

It is crucial for parents to actively get involved in the experiences that children bring to school by responding to foster social justice and equity. Teachers who promote anti-bias in school require the participation of families in guiding the children.
For example, a parent should make a child understand that situations trigger people to get angry. Still, it is not appropriate to treat others indiscriminately just because they cause their problem. Teachers better understand dealing with equity issues when they do extensive research and engage the community. Establishing conversations with different people across the society through the provision of invitation to contest on matters that children know, such as racism,
offers a chance to empower teachers to become agencies of change, therefore,
encouraging children to share the knowledge they have about discrimination or prejudices by teachers creating opportunities for such discussions.

Furthermore, students can participate in engaging surveys to determine the ideas of others on anti-bias education. Surveys also help in obtaining results. Therefore, they can access the feelings of others towards the topic. It is also essential in building interpersonal skills and critical thinking skills. Also, it is a platform that ensures the organization of others and offers an opportunity to raise their concerns.

In addition, creating a new campaign incorporating social media channels increases public awareness of anti-bias education.

It involves the creation of signs and postures using photography and art. Online surveys are an opportunity to obtain quick feedback and offer diverse ideas that are insightful. Online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, linked and Instagram are platforms mostly driven by young people; therefore, using them is an easier way to spread information fast and obtain feedback. The rationale of using these tools and platforms is to foster an immediate action plan across the audience. A quick action plan ensures the information can reach most of the targeted audience.

Objectives of the Initiative

Anti-bias education approach ensures the achievement of four interrelated objectives in children, including justice, diversity, identity, and activism. It ensures diversity and equity goals (Sparks & Edwards, 2020). Identity ensures the construction of a knowledgeable person who has a strong individual and social personality and is confident. For this reason one of the main objectives is to have parents from at least five major cities in MA to establish the feeling of comfort and joy in children by appreciating the diversity in humans. As well as ensuring children develop the human language for differences and caring connections by the time they are eight years old.. Justice’s objective is an opportunity to teach children to recognize unfairness and learn it hurts. Activism is the action that one is either solely or as a group speaks against discrimination and prejudices.

Key Audiences

Anti-bias education centers on establishing equity and diversity goals in children’s early childhood. It includes a child’s identity, social identity, and cultural aspects. To build on the knowledge that children bring to school, teachers require the participation of families that involve the parents and community. Therefore, a key audience is the
adult educators from all ages and gender, however with a special attention to the
middle class families that constitute the mass, navigating young children to live in an inequitable diverse society.

Strategic Mindset

In conducting the anti-bias education system, it is crucial to determine the l
evel of self-awareness, family pride, and attitude towards the social identity of a child. It is also important to determine
how a child feels while interacting with people across diverse languages and whether they
demonstrate empathetic character. In addition, determination of the child’s interest while connecting with others is key. It is also essential to determine whether a child recognizes unfairness and their perception of it.
The target audience should evaluate the empowerment of their child in acting against prejudices and discrimination. In addition, they would enforce determination of a child’s values and interests crucial in comparing them with the community’s.

Strategies to Adopt

Incorporating current books that indicate children’s recent experiences both in the classroom and on facebook of the crucial strategies in achieving anti-bias objectives.

With a
strong community page of parents from each of the five major cities, where they would share their kids work and progress regarding the ABE.

The strategy should include parents creating fun videos with their children sharing messages of inclusion and stories to understand their life in the indigenous world. The strategy should also consider incorporating
diverse e-books that could be read during bed time to motivate children and caption their attention. Additionally, having
teachers as ambassadors sharing their heritage encourages students and colleagues to share experiences comfortably. Thought having kids, parents and teachers
storytelling their experiences, repurposing the fun videos of ABE moments and scheduling posts in advance are some of the tactics that can be used. It is a way for the students,
parents and the community to reflect on their experiences and improve their thinking on diversity and social skills.

Introducing children to social justice stories books that speak against social injustice movements is an essential strategy. It lays the foundation
that children uphold that anyone is involved in social justice. The strategy involves social media by inviting parents and the community to discuss social injustice topics. The discussions are opportunities for insightful ideas that involve the children. Involving online media is a chance to research more books. Also, teachers can use community resources for students to understand the feeling of homelessness (Keenan & Nimmo, 2021). Teachers can make intentional provocations for children to internalize and think about anti-bias education matters. For example,
if they are playing using a balance board and there is one person in a wheelchair, what should they do?

Offering opportunities for children to speak about bias is an important strategy. It initiates activism as the child is motivated to act (Sparks et al., 2021). The strategy offers an opportunity for children to analyze the ideas of others and challenge them critically. In challenging other students’ perspectives, the child appreciates the diversity of different people. It encourages coexistence between the students as they learn about the different social identities of other students.
Holding meetings through online platforms to contest encourages students, which improves their confidence. Dramatic plays also offer chances for understanding and exploration of differences and similarities. Teachers scaffolding the plays improve student thinking, perspective-taking, and problem-solving skills acquisition.


Leekenan, D. & Nimmo, J. (2021). Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years. Facilitator and Viewer Guidebook.

Sparks, Edwards & Goins. (2021). Anti Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves. (2 Ed). NAEYS. Washington DC.

Sparks, L., Leekenan, D. & Nimmo, J. (2020). Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs. A Guide for Change.

Content Idea Proposal Assignment

You are asked to propose content ideas on social media platforms for an anti-bias education (ABE) campaign you worked on for your first individual assignment: strategic brief. You are particularly looking for pieces of content that will help it (1) create more campaign awareness for the targeted segments, (2) establish new relationship opportunities with the community, (3) emphasize its voice online, and (4) grow its online community.

You will need to propose certain content ideas for its three social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Review the table as follows for sample ideas.). If you think some social media channels are not relevant to your campaign, you can propose content ideas for other social media channels (e.g., LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok). No matter what you choose, you should develop your ideas for three platforms, specifically:

  • Highlight the central idea (big idea) of your social media campaign.
  • Write two messages and copies for the content that will be shared on each designated platform (for a total of six messages).
  • Provide two sample, mock-up, images that are matched with the messages for each designated platform (for a total of six images).
  • Discuss what metrics you will use to analyze whether this content was successful or not.


Platform Characteristics

Content Ideas



• Max character limit is 63,206, but posts that have 80 characters have the most engagement (Jackson, 2020).

Start an update with a question

End an update with a question

Create a list

Add a quote from an article, interview, feature, or event/speaker

Update with emojis

Use an image with text overlay

Attribute and tag other accounts

Provide a customized URL

There is a 280-character limit, but options are available to add images, videos, collages, and tag users now.

You do not always have to use all 280 characters.

Place comments before headline

Place comments after headline

Commentary and quote of tweet

Place tweets inside the comments

Integrate multimedia

Conduct polls

Attribute with tag

Tag accounts in image or video


Platform Characteristics

Content Ideas


Posts have a 2,200-character limit.

Use hashtags (no more than a few) to highlight the key words and communities you want to reach.


Micro-visual blogging

Giveaways and contests

Asking a question and probing for engagement


Tips and tricks


Historical features




Storyboards (posts and Instagram Stories)

Resource: Zote, J. (2021, July 26). How long should social posts be? Try this social media character counter. Sprout Social. Retrieved from

Deliverables & Deadlines

  • Please submit an electronic copy of assignment to Blackboard (see Assignment Folder).
  • Due by 11:59 p.m. on April 15th (F).
  • All electronic copies must be made with the MS Word.
  • This assignment accounts for 100 points.

Chloe Tomasetta

Content Idea Proposal

Campaign: Meet the Retailer

Central Idea: To highlight EarthHero Marketplace retailers one time per week. This will show

the diversity of the brand, demonstrate how all EarthHero retailers sell sustainable and ethical

products, establish new relationships with the community and create more brand awareness.

Each week, EarthHero will promote 1 marketplace retailer on their social media pages For the

purpose of this content idea proposal, I will highlight the retailer Zefiro and Beco Pets to

demonstrate what this will look like for future “Meet the Retailer” posts.

Basic metrics:

I will use engagement and sentiment to see how many people interact with this campaign (likes,

mentions, messages, reactions) and how people feel about the content being posted.

Advanced metrics:

After the campaign releases, I will analyze the behavior and opinions of audience members to

see if this is something EarthHero should continue doing and if they should do it more or less

frequently. Next, I will see if there has been any audience growth and analyze the time spent

with the content as well as customer and community retention.

Channel Metrics:

Twitter: Retweets, mentions, link visits, replies, tags, Twitter analytics and branded hashtags.

Instagram: Story mentions, likes, comments, shares, reposts and direct message.

Facebook: Likes, reactions, comments, shares and Facebook insights.

Behavior Metrics:

I will determine if the content posted resulted in action by analyzing the sales numbers, number

of visits to the links in posts, the conversion rate, the amplification rate and the influencer

impact. I will also analyze comments and shares to see how actively people respond to the

campaign and how they feel about this sort of content and what type of audience segment is most

engaged with this campaign.

Retailer 1: Zefiro


Caption: When Carley Pulford noticed all the wasteful

plastics in our everyday lives, she tried to shop more

sustainably but had trouble finding sustainable,

inexpensive products. From here, Carley created Zefiro- a

company that offers affordable and sustainable zero-waste

swaps to replace single-use, plastic-heavy items.

Click below to learn more about why we love



Chloe Tomasetta

Content Idea Proposal

Twitter: Poll

Carley Pulford started Zefiro when she

struggled to find sustainable, affordable

products. Can you relate to Carley’s

experience? Visit, to shop

Zefiro on EarthHero.

a. Yes

b. No

c. Sometimes

Instagram: Post with two photos (carousel post)

Zefiro is a company that offers affordable and sustainable

zero-waste swaps to replace single-use, plastic-heavy

items. When asked what motivated her to start Zefiro,

Carley Pulford replied: “A number of years back, my

friend made me conscious of ALL the unnecessary

plastics in our life. Then, my sister-in-law educated me on

ALL the harmful chemicals in our everyday products.

Little by little, I noticed it became harder and harder to

shop. Almost everything has unnecessary plastic

packaging and ingredients that I didn’t want for our


Can you relate to Carley’s experience? Visit to shop Zefiro on

EarthHero and make the swap from wasteful and harmful

to sustainable and healthy.

#Zefiro #ZeroWaste #EarthHero



Chloe Tomasetta

Content Idea Proposal

Retailer 2: Beco Pets


Looking for sustainable, safe toys for your pets? Look no

further! @BecoPets works hard to ensure that your pets

can enjoy the best products with little environmental


When asked what the Beco plush toys are stuffed with,

founder George Bramble explains “They’re all made from

recycled plastic bottles. It takes five to 15 plastic bottles

to turn them into pet toys. Obviously, plastic goes into

landfills, or ends up in the ocean. It’s a serious

environmental problem.”

Visit to shop Beco Pets and hundreds of other sustainable retailers.


Say hello to our friend George Bramble at Beco Pets.

George started Beco Pets in 2009 to create sustainable

products for pets that are better for them and the


To shop Beco Pets through EarthHero visit

Beco Pets

Instagram: Post with two photos (carousel post)

Since George Bramble started Beco Pets in 2009, his

mission was to create quality products for pets while

doing as little harm to the environment as possible. When

asked about the company, George says “We’ve come a

long way, but there’s lots more we want to achieve. With

environmental pressures greater than ever and the

prospect of more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, as

humans and pet owners, we need to act now – before it’s

too late. I’m immensely proud of what the team at Beco

have achieved so far and we promise to continue making

products as sustainably as possible, whilst having a lot of

fun in the process. We believe that every dog and cat,

little or large, can make a big difference.”

Beco Pets

Chloe Tomasetta

Content Idea Proposal

To shop Beco Pets through EarthHero visit

Beco Pets

#Pets #Sustainability #EarthHero

​One Gig Content Idea Proposal

The company I chose to do my content proposal for is One Gig, a local skate shop located

in downtown Boston. One Gig has accounts on all main social media sites, including Twitter,

Facebook and Instagram, however Instagram is their most active account. One Gig’s accounts

can be found at @onegigco on all social networking sites. On Twitter, they have 773 followers,

on Facebook they have 2,853 followers and 2,849 likes, and on Instagram they have 12.7

thousand followers and counting. Although Instagram will be the main target for this campaign,

both Facebook will be attended to by creating posts that best fit and accentuate each sites


This proposal will focus on the new campaign idea “Get a Grip”, where those who post

about One Gig and enter themselves in the sweepstakes will be eligible to win One Gig griptape.

Griptape is a sheet of sandpaper like material with one adhesive side that is attached to a

skateboard deck to allow for traction and grip. It is an essential component of a skateboard and is

needed by all who skate. By creating a give away campaign using an integral part of a

skateboard, the shop will be able to not only earn the appreciation of customers in their core

culture but additionally attract potential new consumers who are interested in skateboarding.

The campaign will be straightforward and allow anyone who is interested to join the

ability to get involved. Each sheet of grip tape costs the company about five dollars, so by setting

aside one hundred sheets, the company will pay about five hundred dollars for this campaign.

This is small in cost compared to some other marketing promotions they’ve done in the past.

This campaign can go on through the heat of the skateboard season, May through September,

allowing for twenty sheets of griptape to be given out a month. Ideally, fifty of these sheets will

be handed out at the local skatepark, a sort of Mecca for those who skateboard. Meaning that

each month, ten sheets are available to be won online and ten in person. These in-person drops

will be promoted on the store’s social media sites and live streamed in the processes of

giveaways. By handing out product in person, people will be encouraged to post on their own

sites the events, promoting for more in person interaction and a way to connect directly to the

“streets” (which is deeply important for skating companies to do). Additionally, people can post

on their own sites about their winnings and One Gig will be able to connect directly to new

customers, regardless of if those target markets have ever interacted with the brand online.

These in person giveaways can prompt a sort of contest that can be aired online. Those

who do the best trick will be awarded free griptape. This will help with the campaign because it

will spike an interest in the brand and will lead people to post about the interactions. Not only

will One Gig post about the competitions but other will as well, creating a buzz online. By

creating an event from the giveaway monthly, people will associate the skatepark more and more

with One Gig, leading to more constant customers. Additionally, those who are not able to attend

in person will be more inspired to enter online in order to be involved. The content for this give

away will all be marked with the hashtag, #GetAGrip, allowing for there to be consistency in the

campaign across all platforms. For in person giveaways, the events will be marketed with posts

updating people on the next giveaway dates, live streams and stories posts of the competitions

and posts of those who won with their new product.

The online component of the giveaway will be slightly different. Those entering

themselves will be instructed to either tag three friends in One Gig’s post about the giveaway or

to repost the image with the hashtag #GetAGrip and One Gig’s account tagged to enter. People

will also be informed that they more people they tag or the more ties they repost, the more likely

they are to win. This will generate more brand involvement because not only will it be possible

to track who is heavily involved with the company but it will also for a cheap way for the

company to get promotions from those involved in the community directly. By posting or

tagging with this hashtag, people will be entered in the drawing. Those who are the most

involved will have highest priority for winning, encouraging people to be posting constantly

about the brand.

This campaign will generate brand awareness within the market by creating a giveaway

program that promotes a generous and engaged brand voice, has community members share the

experience and allows for new and old customers to be interactive on an offline and online scale.

It will establish new relationship opportunities with the community by connecting in-person to

those directly in the skateworld, giving away to those who are unaware of the brand and

therefore creating brand loyalty, and by encouraging people to tag their friends- who may not be

aware of the brand. The #GetAGrip campaign will emphasize One Gig’s brand voice online by

showing involvement and support of the community by offering opportunities applicable to the

market. Additionally the use of high action intensity and emphasized words and emojis to show

personality and grab attention, which will aid in molding a brand voice consistent with the

community it serves. The campaign will grow One Gig’s online community by creating an

online sweepstakes that will encourage tagging potential new customers, following the brand and

reposting the brand’s content. By informing people that the more they post the more likely they

are to will, the likelihood of reposting and gaining more awareness will increase.

The campaigns effects can be traced using several metrics. Comments made, shares and

tags can be counted, along with how often the hashtag #GetAGrip is used by those intending to

win. The number of new followers, increased content interaction and reach will be accounted for.

Additionally, the amount of responses and saves of the posts will be calculated to understand the

campaigns impact on the brand. With this information that company can calculate total impact of

the campaign and its usefulness for marketing.

The content for each site will be as follows:

Site: Facebook

Message One: Looking for a new step-up this season? Come and link us at Lynch Family

Skatepark on the first Saturday of each month all summer long to potentially win some new grip!

Stop by the park and show us your best trick- the top ten competitors will skate away with a

sheet of brand new One Gig grip. Comment, like and repost this to let us know that you’ll be

competing. Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Instagram at @onegigco- and don’t miss out!

#GetAGrip with

One Gig.

We’ll be at the park- where will you be?

Message Two: Is your grip getting grimy? You’re in luck- we’re giving away ten new sheets of

griptape to ten lucky skaters.

To enter either

– tag three friends in this post

– repost this image

– use the hashtag #GetAGrip

– make sure to follow us!

Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Instagram at @onegigco- and don’t miss out! The more

you do, the higher your chances of winning- so what are you waiting for?

Mock Up Images:

Site: Instagram

Message One: Spring into the season with some brand new griptape- for FREE! Win yourself a

fresh sheet by tagging three friends in this post, reposting this image, using the hashtag

#GetAGrip and making sure to follow us. The more you do the more likely you are to win, so ge

cracking! Each month all summer season we’ll be giving away ten free sheets of brand new One

Gig griptape… will you be skating away with some?

Message Two: If you’re not at Lynch Family Skatepark on the first Saturday of each month all

summer long, you’re missing out! We’ll be there, handing out FRESH & FREE griptape to the

top ten skaters with the best tricks- will you be one of them? Come show us what you got- and

you may get rewarded for it! Do you have what it takes? Comment, like and repost this to let us

know that you’ll be competing. Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Facebook at @onegigco-

and don’t miss out! #GetAGrip with One Gig. We’ll be at the park- where will you be?

Mock Ups:

Site: Twitter

Message One: GET READY BOSTON! You could win FREE & FRESH OG griptape- all you

gotta do is comment, retweet and use our hashtag #GetAGrip as much as possible- the more you

do it, the more likely are you win! What’re you waiting for? Get posting and start winning

with #GetAGrip

Message Two: Pop out to Lynch Family Skatepark on the first Sat. of every month- we’ll be

handing out 10 sheets of griptape for the best trick. Come and show us what you got- it could be

enough to win! Comment, like & retweet this to let us know that you’ll be there. #GetAGrip w/

One Gig.

Mock Ups:

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