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FORMAT: papers should be double space only, typed with Times New Roman font, 12 point (not 14-18 point font), and, one-inch margin all around (not two or three inch-margins). A double-spaced page contains roughly 22 lines.
Title page (containing your paper’s
Title, your name, Prof.’s name, topic #, as well as time of class meeting) should be a separate page. Number all pages, except the
title page. You should also have a Bibliography or Works Cited page in which you list, in alphabetical order, all books and articles (or internet sources) you have consulted in order to write your paper. The Bibliography page should be in addition to the five pages of text. In all you should have at least seven pages.


Be sure to include the title of the book you’re analyzing, in the title of your paper.

EXAMPLE: “The nature of desire in Apuleius’ The Golden Ass”

Do not double space between paragraphs.

Cite your sources, both primary and secondary, in parentheses throughout your paper. Include a Bibliography page at the end of your paper.

Integrate textual evidence into the body of your essay

Quotes: up to three lines long. (If they’re longer, they need to be single space. Absolutely avoid long block quotes.)

Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and that there are effective transitions between paragraphs.

Avoid comma splices or putting a period between sentences that are not complete.

Use semi-colons or rewrite sentences with conjunctions.

Example of comma splice: Desdemona can be seen as a feminist heroine, she defies patriarchal norms by eloping with a Moor.

Rewritten: Desdemona can be seen as a feminist heroine because she defies patriarchal norms by eloping with a Moor.

Number each page at the top right-hand margin.

Italicize book titles. Use quotation marks “…” for chapters or articles in books. Example, “Comedy and War.”

Be sure to use the present tense when you discuss literary works (details of plot, character, etc).

A paper needs to have an Introduction with Thesis, several pages of development and a Conclusion. See my posts on Blackboard on how to write an Introduction/Thesis, a Conclusion, etc.

NO PLOT SUMMARIES; see my posts on BB on the difference between a Plot summary and a textual analysis.


The root of the word “friendship” means “Love” in Latin based languages. In what way is friendship a form of “love” between Dante and Virgil, in Dante’s
Inferno? Make sure to discuss and to include a few pieces of evidence from the text(s) of your analysis.

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