Posted: September 19th, 2022


essay x

Address all three scenarios below in an essay. There is no definitive right or wrong answer as each individual might approach each scenario differently. The key is to make sure you are integrating and responding to each scenario using Biblical and ethical principles. Explain how you might respond to each scenario:

1. Your superior requests that you misrepresent information on a forthcoming report.

2. You witness a colleague making disparaging comments to another colleague.

3. As you start a new career and endeavor into graduate school, explain certain practices you will implement to gain a reputation of being a diligent, honest, and respectable employee or student.

The length of each response should be at least two paragraphs per scenario. 

You should have at least 6 paragraphs and the total length should be no more than three pages, double spaced, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins. 

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