Posted: September 19th, 2022


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What moral guidelines should we use when it comes to recently introduced healthcare technologies of any kind (you will note and engage with your own examples) and social technologies of any kind (you will note and engage with your own examples)?


The parts of technology that pose moral and ethical difficulties today must be identified and managed with all parties involved in mind. Circumstances that necessitate ethical thinking via the examination and implementation of ethical concepts include ethical challenges, health concerns. Any technological innovation must take into account both humans and the environment. Current healthcare technology is nice, but they don’t always do what is really best for patients. Every healthcare technology has advantages and disadvantages, but I believe the designers of each gadget are attempting to make healthcare easier and more efficient to care for a patient in a reasonable timeframe. The design of health technology is founded on assumptions that influence its execution, goal,and simplicity of use. In general, there are limited tools available for future research into the accuracy of this theory, as well as the public’s characterization and appraisal of health advances’ significance. In creating goods and technological capabilities, designers must consider the moral implications of their work and put these considerations into reality, because their designs and products will have an impact on human health.


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