Posted: September 20th, 2022


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B Jeremy

Stories are short descriptions of a task needing to be done. They are slices of a larger picture. A user story is something that can be done as a user. Something that as a user, would make whatever we’re working on easier. As a customer, I want to be able to see what I have paid in and what I owe, so that I can keep updated regularly on my balance. © Scaled Agile, Inc

An enabler story is one that doesn’t directly connect to a user. In order to show a balance for the customer, we would need to update the source code, and modify this or that. Something that needs to be done to the system and not affect the user is an enabler story but is needed to make the whole system function better. The key differences are one being directly connected to the user, and the other is used to enable user stories to happen. They are important because to make anything better, we must have feedback from the user or at least know what they want. In order to make things happen with a user, we need a team that is not a user or may be, but they need to know the details of the infrastructure, in order to make the user stories happen.

C Lugi

Hi Class,

There are short descriptions of the desired functionality that are found in Agile that are used to determine how the system behaves. There are two different stories that are enabler stories and user stories. User stories are written by the user of the customer that explains the end goal of the software. A user story provides a description of the software being developed in an informal way (Beecham et al., 2021). It is used to explain to a customer how the software meets requirements and how it adds value to the functionality it is used for by the user. It does not contain many details, just a simple description is a simplified language. These stories are also essential in the process of building frameworks such as initiatives and epics.

On the other hand, enabler stories are used to provide value for the next steps of software development. It is important in developing subsequent steps of software development. To ensure the strength of Agile, there should be limits in the way that the stories are used.

415 W4 DQ 1 MC. 100-150 WORDS

Describe, in detail, the characteristics of a 
user story and an
 enabler story? What are the key differences in a user story and an enabler story? Why is each important to the project?

Reply to Responses 75-100 WORDS

A Justin

There are many hands in the pot when it comes to a project that has a large scope. But the most important piece to getting the correct information and making your project successful is getting information directly from the user. This is called the “User Story” in Agile Project Management. Without knowing the type of user, what the user wants the software to do, and the why behind all of these questions your project will not meet the satisfaction of the user which is the main goal.

Enabler stories are features that do not directly benefit the user of the system. And are usually broken down into four categories, Exploration which includes research spikes, architecture which includes planning and designing, infrastructure including servers, and compliance which includes testing.

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