Posted: September 20th, 2022


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Answer the following 3 questions separately using APA and intext citing when supporting your answers.

1) Conduct research on MIRROR NEURONS. APA format 10-20 sentences long by answering the

following questions

How do mirror neurons relate to your success in college, specifically General Psychology?

Is it possible to succeed in life without functioning mirror neurons? Why or why not?

Describe the characteristics of a person with disabled mirror neurons.

What personal experience have you had with someone that shows signs of disabled neurons? Does the research agree with your observations?

2) Classical and Operant Conditioning. APA format 10-20 sentences. Conduct outside research to learn more about the topic and current common uses for each form of conditioning. Use research and the textbook to answer the following questions:

Which form of conditioning is used most for behavior modification? Why does this form work better?

Why would Classical Conditioning help someone in their daily life functioning?


Which form of conditioning would you most likely see in a classroom setting?

· Create your own examples of each form of conditioning. Be sure to include the following information in your answer.

· In addressing classical conditioning:

· Identify UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR.

· Discuss any stimulus generalization that you observed.

· Discuss any extinction and spontaneous that occurred.

· In addressing operant conditioning:

· Identify negative and positive reinforcements and punishments.

· Label the schedule of reinforcement or punishment.


3) Enhancement strategies for memory. 10-20 sentences APA format

Perform research outside of the textbook to find studies that have tested one of those strategies. What did those studies find?

Which of these devices do you think is best for your memory? Why?

Provide an example of when you have used it in the past or think you could use it in the future.

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