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FE2 Overview:


Health Educators spend a lot of time “behind the scenes” assessing community needs, planning interventions, evaluating health promotion/health education programs, being resource persons, researching, putting together proposals, obtaining funding for health promotion and education, and creating health promotion and educational materials. What this means for you is, in addition to knowing about health and wellness, you also need to develop the skills for researching, writing, networking, and managing projects and people. Much of the good work you have done so far in class has been designed to help you develop some of these skills, as well as learn about the health processes of aging. FE2 is another assignment designed along these lines. 

You have already shown how much you have learned to date in this class! You have read and learned a lot about aging, and you have even gone out into your community to observe and talk with elders. Now how about using all this good work in a new way? First, I’d like you to view the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.’s (NCHEC) website containing the Eight Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators in HESPA II 2020 (when you reach this webpage, scroll down past HESPA 2015 to the HESPA 2020 information at

 (Links to an external site.)

When you reach the HESPA II 2020 Eight Areas of Responsibility, the last item is a hyperlink to those Eight Areas of Responsibility.

One of the themes you may notice is before Health Educators begin to educate health consumers, they engage in a lot of work! This work includes observing, assessing, researching data, and creating health education and promotional material. Scan through the NCHEC website – can you see how the work you have been doing in the course so far follows the descriptions? In particular, read A
rea of Responsibility 1: Assess of Needs and capacity,  II: Planning, and VI: Communication. Can you see how some of the work you did in DBs 1,2, and 3, and your interview for FE 1 connect to these two Areas of Responsibility?

In the first two DB activities, you observed the elderly in your community, identified some of their specific needs, found real resources in your community, and discussed challenges the elderly encounter to access these resources. You also spoke to an elder in your community. For this assignment you are going to combine this knowledge and use it as if you were serving as a Health Education resource person. For this FE you will be combining what you have learned in your course activities with material from your text in order to create mini health awareness and promotion campaign. In this FE activity, you will be applying what you have learned from your previous assignments to create a small health education awareness campaign 
as if you were a health educator working with seniors in your community. 

Instructions: Health Educators often engage in awareness campaigns and promotions as a means to connect people to services and vice versa. This assignment may be likened to a mini version of such a health education effort. This assignment has 2-parts. A formal paper in which you will outline your plan and describe your process. 

Part 1: Formal Paper: First, go back and review the work you and your classmates did in DBs 1, 2 & 3, your FE1, and review the chapter summaries in your text. Take a look at what you identified as specific needs of the elders in your community. Next, take a look at the ideas both you and your classmates came up with to address the needs of the elderly. Pay close attention to ideas for how to raise elders awareness about resources available to them, and how to connect them to these resources. For your formal paper you will need to reflect on how you are connecting what you have read and done in class with the campaign/presentation you create for part two of this assignment. Here are some guiding questions to help you get started with your paper:

1. Reflect on what you have learned so far and how you will use it for FE2.–Discuss how your how your readings and your work in the course thus far connects with mini awareness campaign you are creating for Part 2 of this assignment. For example, you might talk about how what you are doing connects theory to practice. You might talk about what you are creating that connects to the Areas of Responsibility on the NCHEC website. You may also include what you learned from your classmates as part of this section.

Another area to include in your paper, is describing what you have learned and how you are applying this learning towards creating a health promotion and awareness campaign for seniors in your community. In this section, you would be specifically discussing your rationale, your plan, and how you would go about implementing it. Note: you may want to include information about how you came to understand the needs and challenges, what you will be presenting, how you will present it, and special accommodations you will make for seniors at the presentation and why. Who is your specific audience (narrow your scope from ALL seniors to a specific sub-group of seniors in your community that perhaps have one common health need)? Why have you chosen them?  

2. Pick a health promotion or health awareness raising need for seniors for your campaign. Talk about what you know about the senior health need/topic, and how you came to decide on this senior health need/topic.  For example…How did you go about identifying the topic? How do you know this is a relevant area to focus on? Why is this important to you and to seniors in your community?

3. What are specific actual resources in your community which may meet these needs? How do you learn about these resources? What have you done to verify these as relevant and quality resources?

4. What are some of your ideas for connecting this group of seniors/elders with these resources? 
Given their age and situation, what special considerations or accommodations might you need to include in your awareness campaign? (For example, how will you get the information to them? Will you go to them? Do you plan to hold a presentation at a location? How will they get there? What about hearing, physical, or visual accessibility considerations during the presentations?)

5. When, where, and how would it be best to present to the seniors/elders in your community?

6. To ensure the success of your campaign, Who else (person or agency or non-profit) might you need to include on this project? What types of funding/staffing might be needed? What might be sources for funding/staffing?

7. Finally, what other type of research or resources might you need to add to your plan? 

Part 2: Create a Mini Awareness Campaign/Presentation for Your Community Elders: You have creative choice for this part of your project. Depending on your population and the goal of your campaign – what is the best way to create a presentation for them? Some ideas: A short PowerPoint and speech (transcript – 3 to 5 slides). An informational brochure – with an explanation of how will you get this to them, and explain it to them. Or, what about some other creative idea of your own choosing, including social media if you believe this is a source for seniors to receive information ?

The focus of your presentation should be designed in such a way as to include the following elements:

1. Chose a specific group of seniors/elders’ with a specific health and wellness need(s) in your community. Raise their awareness about this specific aspect of health and wellness, provide education and information, and connect them to resources. 

2. Connect seniors/elders with real, actual resources in the community that can support their health and well-being related to the identified needs;

3. Identify and explain possible challenges they may encounter accessing these resources;

4. Recommendations for overcoming these challenges,

5. And finally, a clear plan for how the seniors/elders or their families might connect to resource(s) to address their specific need(s)

Looking at this assignment broken down and listed out, there may seem like a lot of work to do…but look again…can you see how much knowledge you already have at your disposal? You are putting things you know and have learned together in new and creative ways. You can do this, and do it well!


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