Posted: August 23rd, 2021

Recruitment and Selection Plan

1. Recruiting process: write a detailed description of your target candidates and the recruiting process you would use for the job. What recruitment methods would you use and why (internal and/or external)? Where would you advertise and why?
2. Recruitment Advertisement: create a sample ad for your position. Identify your chosen media. Your ad must follow the AIDA formula.
3. Overview of Selection Process: Summarize your approach and the steps in your proposed process.
4. Pre-screening: create a chart and show how you match the job criteria (KSA) to the pre-screening (short listing) process.

5. Selection methods: Describe the type of interview and provide:

Three example questions.
Criteria against which you are comparing the candidates’ responses (specific criteria for each question).
A description of an appropriate test or demonstration, including a suggested scoring approach.

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