Posted: August 3rd, 2022

Reflective Journal


For this assignment, you will be creating a 2 to 3-page reflective practice journal to examine an implemented lesson plan activity to determine quality improvements and professional development opportunities.

First, if you are currently working in ECE, select a lesson plan activity you implemented in your ECE classroom this week.

Or, if you are not currently working in ECE, you will use the following lesson plan activity. Alphabet Kaboom – This lesson plan activity is for children ages 3-5 and only requires Popsicle sticks, a marker, and a small cup or bucket. Write one letter on each Popsicle stick until you’ve done all 26 letters of the alphabet. Write the word “Kaboom!” on six additional Popsicle sticks, and place them all in the bucket with the letters facing down. Have each child pull out one stick at a time, reading the letter and making the sound of each one. If a child pulls a “Kaboom!” stick, they have to put all of their sticks back in the bucket and start again.

Next, create a reflective practice journal in a document that contains the following headings:


Learning Objectives (LOs)


Implementation and Assessment

Quality Improvement

Lastly, using reflective practice, address the following in your reflective practice journal:


The name of the activity.

The age group of the children.

Describes the lesson plan activity (process/procedure).

Learning Objectives (LOs)

Lists the learning objectives (LOs) for the activity (if using Alphabet Kaboom, you will need to write the learning objectives).

Describe whether the learning objectives (LOs) were (or could be) met.

Determines if the activity is too easy or difficult for the age group and whether the activity and learning objectives would be considered developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) for the age group of the children.


Lists the materials used in the activity.

Determines what alternative materials could be used.

Implementation and Assessment

Explains whether the children were (or would be) engaged during the activity.

Determine how you did (or would) react to children’s non-responses and errors.

Discusses what challenge(s) did arise (or might arise) from the activity and how the activity could be adjusted to address the challenge(s).

Describes your approach (or what would be your approach) to implementing the activity.

List the ways you did (or would) scaffold, support, and guide children.

Quality Improvement

Determines two additional ways to improve and adapt the activity.

Identify a resource or professional development opportunity to help you improve the activity.

Discusses how you will use reflective practice in the future for professional development and continuous quality improvement.

Submission Requirements

Uses professional language with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the 2 to 3-page reflective practice journal.

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