Posted: June 19th, 2022

Reflective writing on public health

Reflective writing on public health. pls check the attached file.
Reflective Essay
The third assessment task for this unit is a reflective practice assignment of about 2000 words that describes your growing understanding of Public Health as a discipline. This is an individual assignment. You are strongly encouraged to work on your reflection throughout the term and to make notes of ideas that occur to you or issues that interest you that you can include when you write your assignment.
Your reflection should focus on how your understanding of Public Health changed over the course of the term, and you should compare your knowledge, perceptions, and attitudes at the beginning of this unit with how you feel at the end. You should also reflect specifically on the following questions:
1. How does an understanding of the history of Public Health contribute to professional practice?
2. How important are the non-health factors that are part of public health practice?
3. What are some of the ethical issues associated with public health practice?
4. How will the things you have learned as part of this unit affect your own practice in the future?

This reflective assignment is an essay. A less formal writing style may be used, and references are not required. If you do use any source material, however, each item must be identified in an in text reference and also appear fully cited on a reference list.
(In Australia’s perspective)

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