Posted: March 12th, 2023

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Practitioner or nursing-provided support network can supplement human relationships and social systems with a level of competence and direction that may be lacking in the latter. Professionals in the discipline of sociology and nursing, as well as those in related fields, have unique perspectives and insights to provide on how to best care for a person with a mental condition. Accessibility to such experts can aid parents in navigating the challenging environment of monitoring their child's disease while offering vital comfort and support during hard moments. Nonetheless, interpersonal connections and social networks are crucial. In contrast to their interactions with experts, parents may find solace and acceptance in these groups. They could serve as just a judgment- and the shame-free zone where families can share their thoughts and feelings freely. Often, Family, colleagues, and other supportive services can offer helpful guidance and support based on personal experiences that expert practitioners would lack (Douma et al., 2020).

Reassurance, material assistance, and the dissemination of information are the three primary types of social support. The well-being of the parents' social networking sites has a direct bearing on the parents' own health. In addition to finding qualified medical professionals, concerned parents can utilize social media to learn more about available treatment options, communicate with a variety of counselors, and more. While it's true that some parents like using social media, it's important to remember that their time is limited. Parental anxiety and sadness can be mitigated with the support of good personal interactions that allow parents to connect with peers and impart knowledge about their problems. Instrumental assistance from family and other relatives is a huge help to these parents, who are already carrying a heavy load as it is (Bauer et al., 2021).

Summarizing, parent of a child with mental disease may find social media to be a helpful resource. There are many places on the internet where parents can go to get help and guidance. Meeting other parents who are going through the same things they are can be a great source of comfort and understanding. Social media also makes it easier to stay abreast of developments and new research in the field of mental health care.


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