Posted: November 21st, 2022

Reply to each students discussion post 1-2 paragraphs. there are TWO discussion

Week Two Discussion 4

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings with EACH discussion question


Tamishiah Allen

Crossing the Quality Chasm targeted issues in the US healthcare system that need improvement. Crossing the Quality Chasm created a framework to improve quality care for patients by defining six aims of quality. Those six aims of quality include safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered (Nash, 2022). In order to achieve these six aims of quality, technology advancements serve as an important recommendation to ensure quality care for patients.

 Non-communicable diseases have been the cause of majority of deaths and health complications. Studies have found that diseases such as diabetes go undetected and undiagnosed (Manteena, 2021). Early screening and diagnosis are crucial to reducing and preventing disease, mortality rates, and providing timely treatment(Manteena, 2021). Technology advancements such as smartphone based artificial intelligence challenges have been implemented to improve early diagnosis and detection. This function has made improvements as it is easy to access through a smartphone. Another benefit, is that this process Is less evasive and inexpensive for the patient. While also providing results in a timely and efficient matter.

A case study found that genomic technology improved newborn screening programs. Genomic Technology improved screening modalities, supported diagnostic procedures, and allowed for a wider variety of disorders to be screened (Goldenberg, 2022). While these are great benefits, there were also challenges faced in educating parents and workers on this procedure as well as costs and availability.

Technology advancements have been proven to improve early diagnosis and screening methods. Which serves as an improvement in health prevention and promotion. I believe that advancements in technology can also lead to improvements in surgery and treatments. Overall, technology can be a tool to improving quality patient care and improving health outcomes.


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Healthcare Quality Book: Vision, strategy, and Tools. AUPHA HAP BOOK.

Ernst Mombrun

1. Technology has taken leaps and bounds within the last decades and it is more incorporated in healthcare. We have seen medical records go electronically and test results, appointments can be made seen electronically as well. As the book states “a new healthcare delivery system is needed. A system that both prevent errors and learn from them when they occur.” I think technology can be an important recommendation for quality/patient safety with right program. As great as technology is it can have it flaws. Example, I am in the Navy I went to see a doctor on an Airforce base. My documents did not automatically transfer to the Navy side. Which made my medical record in complete. Each military branch system is different, and the systems do not talk to each other. I believe once that issue is fixed it will be very important for quality/patient safety. Another issue I feel that needs to be fix is securing our information. Hackers are big in today society. Patients want their information safe guarded and not be at risk to hackers, leaks, or unauthorized personnel.


2. Some technology advances that has been made that enhance and patient safety are electronic medical record. It saves time for the doctor and allow the doctor to find easily what he is looking for and allowing him/her more time with the patient. If you remember handwritten notes in you medical record and how hard it was to read and most of the time only your doctor to read his hand writing. Technology has open doors to do video conferencing medica appointments. Surgical technology has improved so much in medical and because of that the recovery time for surgeries have come down from months to weeks. Technology has implantable devices that sed real time blood flow data through our phones.

3. COVID 19 has really made me appreciate technology in medical. My mother-in-law was fighting for her life with COVID in the hospital. She was in Virginia, and I was in California. She was not allowed to have visitors at all. We were able to log in the hospital website and they gave us a code and we would see her test results, medical record, medication they gave her and her overall health. It was really the only way we could get updates on her because the hospital had so many COVID patients hat phone calls were not getting through. Even though she ended up passing away, that technology was the closest thing that keep us connected to her.


Thimbleby H. (2013). Technology and the future of healthcare. Journal of public health research, 2(3), e28.

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