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Respond to Two W8D1 Granth

Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways: “See attachment for details”
APA citing
No plagiarism
See Colleague attachments
Week 8 Discussion 1
Organizational Change
This week concludes with organizational change. As you continue to move forward, both personally and professionally, you will be faced with change. This week you will have the opportunity to analyze what others are doing to embrace change.
The word change often tends to send chills down the spine of some individuals, however, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, as a leader, your goal is to help your employees to embrace change.
As you know, change is inevitable. In today’s business world it almost appears as if it’s constant. Technology has created a rapid pace and it can be a challenge to keep up from time to time. But, understanding why change occurs and how to eliminate fear from individuals can be a valuable tool in your personal success as well as helping your organization to continue to thrive.
This week you have an important week ahead with your final project. Change is a vital step in this project as you are tasked with the project of developing a strategic plan for improving an organization of your choice. This will likely involve change for the organization as the plan is implemented.
Please review your materials for this week below.
· Cox, T. (2019).
Merging: How Traffic Mirrors Organizational Change
· Gorman, B. (2019).
When Introducing Organizational Change, Tell Stories From, Not About, The Future
· Kellogg, K.C. (2019).
How to Orchestrate Change from the Bottom Up
· Tabriz, B., Lam, E., Gerard, K. and Irvin, V. (2019).
Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology
· Tams, C. (2019).
Why We Need to Rethink Organizational Change Management
· Wolfe, D. (2019).
Five Ways to Engage Mid-Level Managers in Organizational Change
Respondto at leasttwoof your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways:
· Offer additional strategies your peer might do to maintain a neutral stance and not inadvertently influence the content of this dispute.
· Offer edits that include would you add to, or subtract from, the opening statement your peer provided. Please provide a rationale.
· After reading your peer’s post, explain additional thoughts you have about another statement of agreement
· No plagiarism
· APA citing
1st Colleague – Hector Valle Acosta
Week 8 Discussion 1
Top of Form
For discussion 1 of week 8. I will like to talk about one company that I worked for a while. The company is call Adventure Bounce, It sell bouncy house. it was a small company. Even if it was a start up company, the owner was open to ideas and strategies to make the company better and grow the company. It had great ethics, social responsibility, and outstanding customer service. The company started in one warehouse by the time I left the company it took over four warehouses that were in the same commercial space. It always took care of the employees because the owner understood that human capital can make or break the company.
See attachment
Bottom of Form
2nd Colleague – Steven Cole
Cole Week 8 Discussion
Top of Form
For this final project assignment, I chose my very first job, Andres Pizza, a local mom/pop pizza place in El Paso, TX. As for any local mom/pop establishment, competing and having to deal with national chains is extremely hard and difficult, especially in the food industry. What sets Andres Pizza aside from any other pizza establishment is the addition of other menu options that the national chains such as Pizza Hut and Dominos do not have. I have attached my presentation for review and am welcomed to suggestions, recommendations, and criticism as well. As this is our last week, I wish the best for everyone on their future endeavors and congratulations on getting your Masters Degree!
See attachment
(48.063 MB)
Bottom of Form
Bottom of Form
Adventure Bounce
Hector E. Valleacosta
Grantham University
HRM 699 Capstone Performance Project
Dr. Robert Freeborough
May 28, 2022
Motivation and Innovation
Company’s Ethics
Social Responsibility
Competing with other companies
Strategies for sales
Company ethics
Policies were put in place
Treat all employees in the highest regards
Treat everyone who walks thru the doors with respect
Always had open door policy
Employees can speak what’s on their mind
Adventure bounce
It was started by an immigrant family from Armenia
It located in Sun Valley, California
Started with 5 employees and grow to have 50 employees
It sold inflatable bounce houses to consumers all over the state of California
Motivation and innovation
It motivate the employees to speak out when changes help the company
It help not only existing business owners but new owners to be different from the competition
It help with ways to prolong the life of the bouncy house
It provided banners for advisement that can be attached to the bouncy house
Always willing to try new thing, listening to the employees
Social responsibility
It started a recycling program
Sponsor local youth leagues, such as soccer, baseball and softball
It use energy saving machine
It supported events for veterans and local parks.
Competing with other companies
Promoted a healthy competition with other companies
The prices were low and affordable for the consumer
Provided customer service and sells in four different languages
Will work with the consumers with any issues
Strategies for sales
The biggest consumer market for the bouncy houses, was the Latino community, The company targeted the Latino community for sales
Adaptation to the internet and tours of the factory
If customers wanted to see the product the company will accommodate the consumer
Mailing flyers
Andres Pizza
Steven L. Cole
Grantham University
HRM 699:Capstone Performance Project
Dr. Robert Freeborough
May 27, 2022
– Organization Overview
– Motivation, Innovation Strategy, People Strategy
– Ethics
– Social Responsibility Plan
– Culture of the Organization
– Organization’s Environment
– Competition and Possibilities
– Management Strategies
– Need for Improvement
– References
– Questions
Andres Pizza Overview
o Started from a storied family history in the food industry
o Mom/Pop Local Pizza Restaurant in El Paso, TX
oStarted with one location, now have expanded to three
oVariety of Menu Options to choose from
Motivation, Innovation Strategy, People Strategy
oFree food for the Employees= Instant Motivation for the Employees
oGetting the word out there about Andres Pizza ie, newspaper, TV Commercial, etc
oConnecting with local businesses and establishments for luncheons
oEnsured the focus was placed on the customer and employee at the same time
oNo policy or written ethics plan at Andres Pizza
oTreat all customers and employees with dignity and respect
oCommunication was key and crucial to employee success
Social Responsibility
oTake part in community event, church functions, etc
oTake part in the college football game (Sun Bowl- College Football Bowl Game)
olocal sports involvement, functions, etc
Culture of the Organization
oFamily Oriented Owner, influence is resembled to other managers and employees
OAll Employees are like family, treat everyone like brothers and sisters
oCore beliefs and values centered on family
Environment of the Organization
oPositive work environment
oAll employees would get a long, communicate and become a close-knit group
ohelp each other complete jobs, tasks, and functions
Competition and Possibilities
oNational Pizza Chains will always be competition
oBeing different with a variety of menu options works and has worked
oCar Wash and other possibilities within the community
oSchool district partnerships
oExpand hours of operation
Management Strategies
oOnline ordering has become the norm
oAdding and creating a mobile application is beneficial in 2022
oPossibility of opening another location
Room for Improvement
oEthics Training is a must and is required
oAdvance on technology, apps, online ordering, etc
oGain Customer Feedback
oUnknown. (2018, December 18). Getting ethics training right for leaders and employees. The
Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 27, 2022, from
oZopf, Stan, Andres Pizza Owner

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