Posted: August 2nd, 2022


refer to the attached document

(Nikita Duncan)Britten utilizes various classical instruments in the symphony to create different beats that arouse varying moods in the orchestra. The different instruments are played in short time variations to evoke different moods from time to time. The fluctuation of moods implies a unique classical style separate from traditional classical music. Britten demonstrated his commitment to creating shorter melodies with different moods (Britten). Britten also employs a contrast through the variety of unique keys, tempos, and pitches. This strategy creates a much less complicated classical music quintessential to works in the Renaissance period and separates from Baroque music.

Britten embeds different visual colors to conform with specific tones in the symphony. For example, when played with the color blue, the woodwinds arouse a sad feeling because blue is often associated with sadness (Britten). Color is an additional strategy to convey various moods in the symphony. The string instruments are assigned the red color because of their intense nature. This signifies violence. I would have responded differently because I tie different colors to specific moods. My perception of mood and color is thus distinct from Britten’s. People associate various moods with different colors, and this varies for everyone.

Different instruments arouse different emotions, implying that the instruments that accompany a symphony dictate meanings, moods, themes, and settings. A composer often applies instruments that adequately reveal their main themes to the audience without compromise. For example, pianos arouse romantic moods; the emotion embraces the setting of love. Most instruments from the string family often depict feelings of tranquility or even sadness. For instance, violins are associated with either sadness or joy because of their ability to arouse calmness and excitement.

Works Cited

Britten, Benjamin. “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.” YouTube, uploaded by WDR Klassik, 4 May 2012


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