Posted: September 16th, 2022

response 2

150 word response – 1 reference
Provide ideas they can use to garner support from potential followers to move their vision forward to reality


 Educational Issues Today and a Vision to Resolve It.  It has been said that lifetime success is generally attributed to the first five years of life. That means that a person’s success could be based on factors before ever entering the education system. That being said, the education system has tons of flaws in and of itself-but this also suggests kids are not being stimulated enough outside of the classroom.   It is common and necessary in today’s world to have dual incomes, so many of our students’ parents are working full time jobs plus one, therefore, are home or exhausted when home.  Parenting is the key to healthy adjusted learning.  The problem:  poor parenting is the biggest contributor to the poor education children are receiving. Children need to be taught before entering the education system and properly prepared for what they will encounter.  Data from the NICHD Study of Early Childcare and Youth Development (2019) -child analyses demonstrated that children with highly involved parents had enhanced social functioning and fewer behavior problems,

Parents love to think that it is entirely the teachers or the education system’s fault. They do not understand the role they play in their children’s education, and for that reason, they place blame on others. The fact is, education is impacted the most from learning experiences outside of the classroom. A majority of the students in schools today are simply not getting these experiences due to poor parenting.  Parent involvement also characterizes parents’ values and attitudes regarding education and the aspirations they hold for their children (Catsambis, 2001; Englund, Luckner, Whaley, & Egeland, 2004). Although values and attitudes may not directly influence academic outcomes, they may enhance academic achievement indirectly by promoting children’s motivation and persistence in challenging educational tasks.

However, schools need to understand that this is a huge problem and address it. Schools fail to get the parents involved in the children’s education. This contributes to the problem and gives the parents a scapegoat. My vision:  Schools should encourage parent involvement more and educate parents on the best way to educate their children outside of the classroom. To communicate this vision, it should be done in public forums and in person.  To start with…home visits and communication regularly host distance learning teach orientations for parents, connect with families through weekly community meetings, celebrate school diversities, and create opportunities for parent leadership. 

When parents and teachers come together as a team, students are supported from all sides and can thrive. As teachers, we’ve seen the incredible things that happen when educators and families build lasting partnerships.  Knowing this, I don’t think I’d need to garner much support from my colleagues towards developing and fostering this shared vision.  Many researchers recognize the important role that strong positive bond between homes and schools, play in the development and education of children (Edwards & Alldred, 2000; Henderson & Berla, 1994; Richardson, 2009; Sanders & Sheldon, 2009; Sheldon, 2009). The theories put forward have been
supported, and reaffirmed, by numerous studies that have shown that good cooperation between schools, homes and the communities can lead to academic achievement for students, as well as to reforms in education

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