Posted: September 4th, 2022

response project management

refer to your attached document.

(Adam)According to the text the six criteria for successful IT projects are system quality, information quality, use, user satisfaction, individual impact, and organizational impact (Pinto, 2019). Those six seemingly narrow down further into three groups of quality, user, and impact. These criteria come together and form the “rubric” IT projects can use to score themselves

IT project success can be difficult to judge because they don’t all set out with the same aims and goals. There are projects that have more of a focus on use and user satisfaction vs other projects that have their priorities more geared toward individual and organizational impact. Should an effort whose goal is to maximize downloads on the Google Play Store be compared similarly to a corporate goal setting/grading application? The definition of success for both of those examples are completely different.

I think the most important of the six criteria is use. Even if your project accomplishes all five of the other considerations, it doesn’t do anyone a lot of good. Conversely, if it is used a lot there is a higher chance that the application does meet all five of the other criteria. Depending on the circumstance, I think user satisfaction can be the least important. We have a software development effort in our lab and as long system quality and information quality is high, that is all we need. When the developers are all caught up on important things like functionality we will occasionally work in some QoL changes, but those always come last.



Pinto, J. K. (2019). Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage. Pearson.

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