Posted: September 4th, 2022

response project management

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Information TechnologyProject management

(Marshall)Most IT projects do not have a clear guideline for success so most of them are vague.


Without having clear guidelines for success, projects would not live up to their expectations.  IT projects should consider six criteria in order to succeed. The first one is that system quality should satisfy certain criteria like easy to use, and have plenty of quality information.  The next criteria is the information quality that generated by the implemented IT should sufficient and actionable.  The third criteria is use.  This is when the IT system is installed and used for problem-solving, decision-aiding, and networking.  User satisfaction is the fourth criteria, which is determined once the system is complete.  Individual impact is the next criteria that suggest the system should be easy to use and provide quality information.  The last criteria is organizational impact and it determines whether the system has a positive impact throughout the organization. 

There are some challenges when it comes to IT success and ways to deal with them.  One challenge is scope creep where the clients present vague information about the project.  It would be best to keep the clients engaged throughout the project to get a better understanding of their requirements and expectations.  If the client does not know exactly what they want, it can cause challenges for the managers and team.  Lack of communication is another challenge that is faced on any type of project and probably the most important of all of them.  It can affect the teamwork by causing conflicts among the team and delays in the project.   Another important case is inadequate skills of team members.  This is very important because the individual skill levels will depend on if the project will be successful or not.   These three criteria’s are most important out of any other challenges because they can determine if the project is going to fail or succeed early in the process.


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