Posted: August 4th, 2022

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Discussion Question 2: Function: Architecture

Architecture in the ancient world served multiple functions beyond mere decoration. Art served practical purposes, including being used in ritual or religious contexts, to honor individuals, to educate, and/or to communicate an idea.


In your response, discuss how specific works of architecture functioned, and what the function tells us about the cultures that made the artwork. Compare and contrast specific architectural examples from two separate eras of the ancient cultures we are studying this week (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Ancient Near East).


In your own words, summarize how the works of architecture are reflective of the cultures that created them.


Guide :

Assignment 2: Discussion Questions


By Wednesday, April 9, 2014, participate in this Discussion Area by selecting one of the topics listed below and writing a response of approximately 350 words. Compose your thoughts with careful research, analysis, and personal insight. Your commentary will become mind-opening as you demonstrate critical thinking about your topic. Use visual and precise language, seeking to make connections between ideas and artistic form. Clarity is necessary, as is original thought. Remember to seek accuracy, write visually, and get to the point.


Utilize terms from the language of the elements of art and principles of design to invoke a visual sense of the art and its style in your text as they relate to the context of the work/culture.


Include images, clips, and links to music when appropriate. Please note the artwork’s identifying traits: title, name of artist, year created. References to the textbook and at least one other source (e.g., class lecture, scholarly article, or museum Web site) are necessary and should be properly cited using MLA style.

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