Posted: March 12th, 2023

risk factors

KINS 260– Risk Factor/ Resting Measurements Activity

The purpose of this activity is to practice the skills of taking accurate height and weight, resting heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP). You will be working in groups, but everyone is responsible for submitting their own worksheets.

In Class Activity Tasks:

1. Take a “clients” height and weight

a. Client height: _________ Client weight: _________

2. Take (2) “client’s” waist circumference: (1) ___________ (2) __________

*Be sure to compare the values you collect for HR and BP to others in your group taking measurements on that “client”. If there is a lot of variability from one technician to the other, consider what might be causing that and try again to see if values are closer.

3. Take (2) “clients” Resting HR measurements and record:

a. Client 1 resting HR first reading: _______ Second reading: ________

b. Client 2 resting HR first reading: _______ Second reading: ________

4. Take (2) “clients” resting BP and record.

a. Client 1 resting BP first reading ________ second reading _________

b. Client 2 resting BP first reading ________ second reading _________

Post Activity Tasks:

1. Calculate your client’s BMI (show your work!). Classify the results based on information from the text. Discuss what other considerations you would have regarding health risk based on BMI.

2. Explain why a 30X2 measurement is more accurate at rest for determining HR, but 15X4 is used for during or immediately post exercise?

3. Interpret the BP value for one of your clients using the classifications provided in the text (Normal, elevated, Stage 1 hypertension & Stage 2 hypertension).

a. Which Korotkoff sound is used for SBP? Which is the true DBP?

4. Your client brings in a blood test with the following values: Total cholesterol: 210 mg · dL−1, LDL Cholesterol: 135 mg · dL−1, HDL Cholesterol: 36 mg · dL−1, Triglycerides: 140 mg · dL−1, Blood Glucose: 92 mg · dL−1. Interpret the results and classification for each of the values.

5. Discuss a few ways to determine Physical Activity level and define the classifications (low, moderate, high)

6. Complete a 3-2-1 review of this activity: 3 things you learned from completing this activity or the lecture this week, 2 things you feel you need to practice or consider to be more efficient at these skills, 1 thing you’d like more information or clarification on (if you have no questions, you can say 1 thing you found interesting or you were excited about)

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