Posted: June 11th, 2022


I need help with an assignment. Thank you
read the article about Putin’s political opponents for the2024 Presidential Election.Make some notes and talk about what you learned.
Mikhail Khordorkovsky Runs/Trains the Opposition from Abroad
1. This article was written in 2018 shortly before the presidential elections in March. It is an interview with Mikhail Khodorkovskywho talks about how he can never return to Russia. He runs an opposition political group in Russia from London. Here is the link:Khodorkovsky on the real McMafia.
2. You can read this Vanity Fair article “Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Khodorkovsky: One Man’s Truth; Another Man’s Tyranny”Putin versus Khodorkovsky
Please visit Khodorkovsky’sofficial website at:

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