Posted: March 12th, 2023

Sanders LDR 4302 Unit 7 Project


Presentations are something most of us will be asked to do at some point in our personal or professional lives. You may present to just a few people you know, a new client, an entire company, or even the general public. No matter the size of the audience, there are several key details to consider in order to be prepare and lead an effective presentation.

This project includes three parts. Be sure to pay close attention to the directions in each part as they build upon each other.

Part 1: Write and record a 2-minute speech on any business topic that is important or of interest to you. It does not have to be on a topic from this course, but it must be a persuasive speech.

You will need to upload the video recording of your speech to a sharing platform such as YouTube or Zoom. This link will be needed in Part 3 of this project. The tutorial,  

YouTube Upload Instructions

 can guide you with your YouTube upload. You will need to provide the link to the video in your reflection statement for Part 3 of this assignment.

Present your speech to an audience of one or more persons and ask them to evaluate you. Use this  

Speech Evaluation template

 to solicit their feedback. You may record the video and send the recorded version to the audience, or you may present the speech to a live audience as you record.

Before reading the input from your audience, self-evaluate by answering the same questions in the template based on how you feel you did.

Part 2: Write a two-page paper in which you reflect on and critique your experience in preparing, delivering, and evaluating the speech. Your paper should address the following:

· What did you find difficult and/or easy about preparing your speech? What apprehension did you have (e.g. selecting a topic, preparation, delivery) and how did you overcome it?

· What concepts or strategies from this course helped guide your presentation development efforts?

· Share pertinent responses to the evaluation questions from both you and your audience. What areas did your self-feedback differ from that of your evaluators? Why do you think there was a difference?

· Connect the feedback to concepts presented in this unit regarding giving presentations as you explain your areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

· Conclude the strategies you can employ to improve your presentation skills.

You must use a minimum of two sources to support your reflection. All sources used must have properly formatted citations and references in APA Style. APA formatting is otherwise not required.

Part 3: In an appendix to your written paper, add the link to your video and a full transcript of your speech.

Your written paper will be two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages, or the appendix.

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