Posted: August 23rd, 2021


Schaeffer Worksheet
 Dr. Francis Schaeffer about the Reformation. Answer the following questions based on Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s message. “Answer the questions fully, organize your answers, and use proper grammar and spelling.
The best strategy would be to listen to the videos before you begin answering questions, then, answer the questions as you listen to the videos a second time.
Be sure to include your name, course, and section number when you submit this assignment.

1. What was the Reformation?
2. What were the key theological points of the Reformation?
3. What changes in worship were made during the Reformation?
4. What theological point did Thomas Aquinas make that led to the Renaissance?
5. According to Francis Schaeffer, what were the different results that were produced by the Renaissance and Reformation?
6. How did the Reformation lead to a more democratic society?
7. How did the Reformation view this world?
8. How did the Reformation affect art and culture?

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