Posted: August 22nd, 2021

Search and Review Literature Related to Software Defined Networking

Conduct  a comprehensive literature search and locate six additional scholarly  peer-reviewed works that provide sufficient background on the topic of software defined  networks (in general). 

Then construct a thematically sorted, critical  annotated bibliography of all the works addressing the items below (for  each work).

The work’s purpose

A concise summary of its contents

Its relevance to the topic

An analysis of the contribution’s unique characteristics

Your critical analysis of the study’s strengths and weaknesses

This  annotated bibliography should provide sufficient background on the topic  to provide a foundation for additional scholarly work.

Also,  note that the analysis of the works should not focus on any challenges  faced with the technologies’ implementation, development, or application  as a technological analysis will be conducted next week.

Finally, write a short introduction that orients your reader to the works and highlights any major findings or common themes.

Lengths: Introduction: 250-500 words; Annotations: 250-300 words each; Total assignment: 2,000-2,600 words

Your  paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and  concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights  relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly  writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral  University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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