Posted: June 6th, 2022

section 2 discussion

Participation in the discussion board is worth up to 10 points per chapter. Students receiving full credit for this category will post and reply to at least once chapter discussion.
Note: The discussion boards are set up so that you will need to post before you can view or reply to other people’s postings.
Chapter 4
Do you believe ethics is a topic that can be taught in college, or do you believe that people are either ethical or unethical and there is nothing that can be done to change that? Please explain your answer.
Chapter 5
Please watch the Dan Ariely TED Talk (listed in the Content section). The book chapter talks about rational decision making (Sec. 5-4) and the limits to rational decision making. Do you use the rational decision making process? If so, please give an example of when you have used the steps in the book to make a decision. If you don’t use the rational decision making process, how do you normally arrive at an important decision?

chapter 6
Do you believe that strategic goals and plans are still helpful in the social media industry where new companies (Instagram, Snapchat, Vero, etc.) are popping up every month? If you were leading a competing company, would it be worth the time and effort to develop long-term goals and plans?

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