Posted: June 22nd, 2022

see attachment Week 8 respond to a student

on time
Make a follow-up of a student’s weekly discussion and respond with your opinion regarding to her post

——You don’t have to post this in APA format necessarily, it’s just giving feedback to the student with a paragraph, it doesn’t have to be a lot of text—-
Erica Aber
Option 2
I do not think the government goes too far in regards to food regulations. I feel that our government needs to add more regulations or at least better labeling to our foods. I know that many foods that are made here are banded in other countries. I think that the California has the best labeling out of all the states. I have seen some labels that specifically say California and have different warnings to help the public better understand what they are consuming, and the risk involved (Fristoe, 2018). I think it is great that the label clearly states warnings. I think this should be included everywhere. If more food regulations were incorporated, we would have healthier options of food to choose from or would not be buying food that is unhealthy without knowing it.
Lobbyists help with regulations by speaking up and getting things changed. The way this happens is a problem is identified and interest groups get together and ask lobbyist to bring the problem and help create new laws or bills to help the people (Chamberlain, 2022). Once the problem is brought up the government decides via voting on what will happen and if a law or bill can be put in place to help the problem.
Chamberlain University (2022).POLI330 Political Science: Week 7 lesson. Downers Grove, IL: Online Publication.

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