Posted: September 20th, 2022

see below

see below

Choose from one of the three trauma topics listed below and prepare a presentation related to trauma and clinical practice.  The presentation should be 10-15 slides in length.  You are not required to complete a voice over for this presentation. 

1. What is the impact of different restraints in relation to trauma? (physical or pharmacological) 

2. What is the relationship between trauma and homelessness (and other social determinants of health)? 

3. What is the correlation between trauma and substance abuse? 

In your presentation cover the following information: 

1. Title Slide 

2. What is the definition of trauma? 

· Who is vulnerable to trauma? 

3. How can trauma be experienced on the intergenerational level and over the individual and family lifespan? 

4. Pathophysiology of Trauma 

5. How do social determinants of health correlate to the effects of trauma? 

6. S/Sx of Trauma 

7. What is the difference between trauma therapy and trauma-informed care? 

8. What is a trigger and how would you recognize that someone is experiencing trauma-related distress? 

9. How might a person with a history of trauma have behavior that could be interpreted as “noncompliance” or non-adherence? 

10. Special trauma topic: one from the 3 choices listed above. 

11. Conclusion 

12. References 

Your response should include evidence-based research to support your content using proper citations and APA format. 

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