Posted: June 20th, 2022

Sexual aggressiveness among athletes

Gender & Crime Research Paper GuidelinesYour research paper should be at least 6-7 pages and may not exceed 10 pages (including bibliography and cover page).IntroductionThis should be a 1-3 paragraph statement of the topic and the theoretical perspectives you will be discussing.Statement of Facts Relating to TopicThis section should be 1-3 pages and include statistics with citations in either MLA or APA format.Application of Theories to Explain Topic/ProblemThis section should be 2-4 pages and should include detailed discussion of how at least 2 different theories we covered in class (from the material in the first segment of the course) can be used to explain your topic. The discussion of theories should include references to sources. Sources should include but need not be limited to the ones we read for class; the best papers will include reference to relevant sources in addition to the ones assigned for class reading.ConclusionThis section should include a discussion of how any “problem” associated with your topic might be resolved in light of the theories you used to explain the topic. The conclusion should be 1-3 pages. Papers may include citations to readings assigned for class as well as other sources.BibliographyUse either MLA or APA format for the bibliography but be consistent: for example, if you used MLA for in-text citations, use MLA for the bibliography. 

Additional Requirements

 Min Pages: 7 Level of Detail: Show all work

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