Posted: June 11th, 2022

social health

Peruse the following Web sites:
County Health Rankings
Community Commons
San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency Data Catalog
The concept behind the 3-4-50 model is that there are three unhealthy behaviors that influence four chronic diseases, which leads to 50% of all deaths. The percentage of deaths can vary by community or place. For example, in some communities, this can be 3-4-63 or 3-4-45.
As you peruse the Web sites above, respond to the following questions in 400 words.
How do the 3 behaviors in the 3-4-50 model impact the 4 diseases in your community?
Can you find the mortality of these 4 diseases in your community?
If you can, what is the percentage of deaths caused by these 4 diseases for your community?
What are the underlying social determinants of health that impact the 3 behaviors in the 3-4-50 model?
What are the health disparities observed from the data in your community (city or county)?
Physical activity, or lack thereof, is 1 of the 3 behaviors that impacts the 4 diseases. What is the walkability index for your neighborhood (area)?
Does this support the data as they relate to health conditions that are impacted by physical activity?
From the data and the information you gathered, what recommendations might you have for your community?

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