Posted: March 11th, 2023


Assignment 1:


1. Knapp: Chapter 12 2. Inciardi and McElrath: Marijuana: Assassin of Youth. (Attached in another file)


The papers will be 1300-1400 words in length, single-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, no heading. I only want your name at the top and nothing else. These papers will include your thoughts on the assigned reading. There is no prompt. It is expected that the assignment will be well-edited, thoughtful, and written in true essay format. Points will be deducted for short papers, poor grammar, bullet points, and the like. The papers will be checked with, so do not collaborate with others. Quotes from the book can be used, but should not be the majority of your paper and should be marked as quotations so as not to plagiarize. The paper should not show more than 10% match with other sources in These papers can include: personal stories of experiences you have had related to this section, information from the research you found in the books that sheds more light on the topic, questions/arguments about the reading you want to bring to light, thoughts on applications of the material to your own life, etc. This is your time to show you thorough read the material and understand it.

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