Posted: August 22nd, 2021

SOCW 6202 Week 7 – Discussion: Working With Special Populations


Discussion: Working With Special Populations

Addiction is an equal opportunity disease. It knows no boundaries and affects all segments of the population regardless of race, culture, age, class, or other differences. Although no segment of the population is immune to addiction, there are certain segments that are more vulnerable than others.

Vulnerable populations are referred to as special populations and include many diverse groups including the homeless, ethnic minorities, the elderly, the gay and lesbian population, persons with disabilities, prisoners, and pregnant women. The members of these special populations have unique needs that present challenges you may not encounter when working with other populations.

Provide a 300-word discussion Post 

  • A description of a special population (Homeless Veterans) that you may work with as a helping professional. 
  • – Explain two challenges that you might encounter when working with this special population. 
  • – Explain two potential strategies that you might use to overcome those challenges. 
  • – Explain why these strategies might be effective. Support your response using the resources and the current literature.
  • Must contain at least 4 references and citations from the following materials:

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