Posted: August 3rd, 2022

spch227N, interpersonal communication

Help Prepare A Presentation

Week 4 Assignment 2: PowerPoint Topic and Organization

Jane Ampong, Frank Armoh, Patricia Bonagura, Windel Cayanong, Marian Oseke, Haley Paul

Institutional Affiliations


Topic Speech Presentation.

Specific Topic How to present a speech.

Thesis Statement Important skills to utilize when presenting a speech.

Main Points

#1: Credibility has three primary characteristics: the three Cs

a. Charisma is the quality of being assertive, confident, and enthusiastic.

b. Character is the quality of being honest, trustworthy, and showing goodwill.

c. Competence is the quality of being an expert and being intelligent.

#2: Credibility is established in four ways.

a. Demonstrate expertise.

a. Ensure that facts are correct.

b. Verbally cite personal subject knowledge.

b. Present error-free written materials

a. Ensure that the language is used correctly.

b. Ensure that the language is used correctly.

c. Ensure that typographical errors are eliminated

c. Deliver the speech with confidence.

a. Plan your delivery.

b. Practice your delivery

d. Establish common ground

a. Connect the audience to the topic.

b. Connect yourself to the topic.

c. Connect with the audience on a personal level.

#3: Credibility is an extremely important factor in determining speaker effectiveness.

a. Speaker credibility influences how listeners feel about the speaker.

b. Speaker credibility influences the listener’s ability to learn or to believe.

Three Sources

Bauman, A. A., & Shcherbina, N. V. (2018). Millennials, technology, and cross-cultural communication. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 18(3), 75-85.

Hall, J. A., Horgan, T. G., & Murphy, N. A. (2019). Nonverbal communication. Annual review of psychology, 70(1), 271-294.

Qiong, O. U. (2017). A brief introduction to perception. Studies in literature and language, 15(4), 18-28.


Working on the group assignment was easy, however, there were a few challenges while doing the assignment. The simple part about carrying out the group assignment was collaboration. Every team member put aside their differences and came together towards ensuring that the assignment was done. Another interesting part was trying to sort out the different words. The assignment was more of a puzzle game, one had to identify the central piece then slowly begin to move by putting in the rest of the pieces. It was so much fun to share different ideas and perspectives on the issue.

The challenging part was agreeing with each other. At first, everyone had their own way of doing things, everyone had a different suggestion on how to finish the assignment. Consequently, everyone wanted their idea to be implemented. It was very challenging to come together and agree on a simple way to finish the assignment. However, the team put aside their differences and everything was done. The group task was helpful towards teaching about cross-cultural communication because it involved working with people of different cultures to finish the assignment.

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