Posted: June 21st, 2022


Using the persuasive full-speech outline created for the Unit 6 discussion, review the instructor and/or peer feedback to finalize the persuasive speech outline for submission. Consider this feedback to address your challenges and revise. Revisions are a key step in the speech writing process. Be sure to take this step.
The outline should be written in the full-speech outline method using one of the persuasive organizational patterns (Problem-Solution, Cause-Effect, or Monroe’s Motivated Sequence). The outline should have enough content to deliver an 8-10 minute persuasive speech, which you will complete in Unit 7. (Please view the sample outline attached herefor more guidance on building this assignment.).
Step 1: Finalize the Persuasive Full-Speech Outline
The outline should include the following:
Specific Purpose
Central Idea (aka: Thesis Statement or Preview Statement)
Introduction– capture attention, establish YOUR speaker credibility, preview the speech
Body– key points (minimum of 3), transitions between main points, supporting materials from at least 3 sources including in-text references to the sources.
Conclusion– signal the end, summarize main points
Researched supporting material references (minimum 3) – include works cited at the end of your outline, use APA format.
Identification of a presentation aid(visual)
Use persuasive techniques and language
Step 2: Complete the Reflection Questions
Answer the followingreflection questions, in addition to the finalized persuasive speech outline. You can include the answers at the end of your works cited:
What types of persuasion did you choose to include? Why? How would they best persuade your target audience?
What challenges did you have crafting our outline? How did you overcome them?
What do you think is the strength of this outline? Why?

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