Posted: August 4th, 2022



Collect some data from your daily life, at least 30 points of data. It could be the number of emails you receive each day, your daily footsteps, minutes spent at the gym, calories consumed, commute time, time spent on the phone, body temperature, weather data – or come up with a survey question (“Do you like dogs?” “How many cousins do you have?” “What color is your car?”) and go ask some people! …the possibilities are endless.

Choose some visual way to display your data, and calculate descriptive statistics to describe the center of the data and its spread. Describe the method you used to collect your data. If it was a sampling method try to classify it as one of the methods described in chapter 1. Post your data set and your visualization as well as the descriptive statistics. Explain why you chose this particular visualization, and why you think it is effective. What pattern emerges, and what story does the picture tell? Also please explain why you chose the statistics you did to measure center and spread.

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