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study abroad

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Alsarraf 7

8Ali Alsarraf

Professor David

English 101

7 April 2014

Argumentative essay on studying abroad

Studying abroad has become an important aspect to the higher education sectors of many counties, because studying abroad will make students advance in many aspects of their life. Studying abroad will help students to become better in their life and in many aspects it will cater their academic, personal, cultural and carrier growth. Education is the most important thing in life. Without education it is impossible to accomplish anything in life. Students who get a chance to study abroad should not miss this opportunity because it is once in a lifetime opportunity due to the benefits it has.

One primary incentive of studying abroad is better education. Studying abroad ensures better educational opportunities compared to my home country due to a wider selection of study options to choose from. This will enable students to be better specialized in their carriers of choice. International education is also better because in many Asian countries, the teaching method is more focused on theoretical knowledge more than practical. The result of this teaching style will make students gain a vast amount of information with no clue on how to use or apply them correctly. On the other hand, the education system in west countries such as the United States will focus on both gaining knowledge and making sure that a student knows how to apply them correctly, so international education is better because it will make students gain a balance education between gaining a lot of knowledge and on how to apply them correctly, this will result in a balance and better rounded education. For example when I attended Kuwait university the main focus of teachers was to make you understand the theories rather than on learning on how to apply them, but when I attended Cal state fullerton the main focus of the teachers was both; learning theories and making sure that we know how to apply them correctly; like the teachers will hand out group work in class and makes sure that everyone participates in them so they can get the idea and know how to apply it.

Apart from getting better education studying abroad will help make students more independent and will make them get out from their comfort zone and face life. It will also make students to face various situations and crisis that they have to resolve with the help of the parents and students will have to manage their own money and manage their own life, which will help make students more mature. For example when I was back home at Kuwait everything was managed by my parents, such as paying bills and buying grocery and other life aspects were also done by other people, such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes and cleaning my clothes. All those things I have never done before in my life because we have a housemaid who helps to do the chores but when I came to the United States, by myself and I have never travelled to this place before, I have done a lot. I came to a foreign country when I was 18 years old and never had any responsibility to do back in Kuwait but when I first landed I knew that I was by myself and I had to take care of my own self; I searched to apartments and rented one within a week or two from arriving, I stated to pay my own bills for water, electricity and many other responsibilities that I had to take care of. I have learned in one month to manage my life and became mature and I am grateful for this.

Other great aspect of studying abroad is that it will provide a great chance for cultural exchange and learning new language and culture. For example when I first arrived at the United States all I knew about it was from the movies. I thought that Americans would hate Arab students and would call them terrorists as soon as they saw them, but I was shocked when I came everyone was friendly to me and was nice and I thought that they would treat me in a bad way because I don’t speak their language clearly but everyone I met was helpful and tried to help me with my English. As soon as they know that I am from an Arab country they would like to learn more about my country and culture because all they saw in the movies was fighting and negative stuff, but they would sit with me and talk to me about how things are different between the United States and Kuwait.

One common argument is cultural shock or being home sick, however this is not always the case. I admit that when I first arrived I suffered from homesickness for just a while because I had no friends or family members to support me or be on my side but within a few weeks I started to adjust to this life and like it because I am responsible of myself and I don’t have to answer to no one. However some people don’t know how to adjust to a new life style or let go of their past life and style, this is the main factor why students face such homesickness and can’t continue to study abroad and miss this once in a life time opportunity.

Another common argument is culture shock, but on my arrival to the United States of America, and according to Macionis and Linda when you go to the Romans do what the Romans do, it took me a very short time to adapt to the new culture (2010, 110). Though the culture is different from ours back in Kuwait, it is not a reason for me not to do good in school and be successful here in the United States just because there is difference in culture for example since I arrived to the us and started going to school my GPA has always been above 3.0 and hopefully it will remain above 3.0 for the next years to come.. It took me a short time to adapt to the new culture and I have loved it so much here and to be honest, I love it more than back home because I know my dreams will be fulfilled here in America which is graduating from engineering and making my family proud of me.. Those who think that cultural shock delays international students from learning and performing well while studying abroad are wrong because I and the many who are like me from other different countries are yet to prove them wrong (Macionis and Linda, 110).

Others may argue that when you go and study abroad, you may not like the country and you may find unfriendly people and therefore instead of learning you will end up worrying about your safety and life in general but these are all false reasons and they are rumors and misconception. As I mentioned above, I am from Kuwait and honestly I had those feelings too but those feelings changed immediately once I landed because of the way I was received in this country and the people are so friendly. I thought they may hate me because am from the Arab world, I guess I was wrong because on the first day I have arrived I stayed in a hotel located in los angeles which was next to a mall; I went to the mall for hours because I had nothing to do or no friend to hang out with but there was one guy john was his name who worked in a small shop , he saw me pass by a lot of time and ended up asking me what I was doing by my self and invited me to stay with him inside the shop and inviting me to a meal later that night. It was a nice jesttere from him because he made me feel welcomed and not feel like an outsider.. Education abroad is good for any one and the people from those countries will be so friendly and will treat you as one of their own. I am enjoying my stay here and am learning peacefully and am not lonely, thanks to my classmates who are good friends to me. I like the country a lot because it is peaceful, with a lot of technology and lots of beautiful places with people that I can pass time with whenever I feel bored.

Others argue that studying abroad is not good for anyone because they are far from the parents and family but as far as am concerned, the family that is parents will not always be there for someone. As a person gets older, he or she needs to provide for their selves and furthermore, those who need parental care are those that are not yet adults. It is advisable for parents to let their children to go abroad for higher learning if an opportunity knocks and that is why I came to America when I was 18 years and not 5. Anyone who is 18 years is actually considered to be a grown up and can make right choices by themselves without parents intervention. I don’t want to look like am saying I don’t miss or need my parents, but you don’t need them at a particular time of one’s age. Therefore, those who worry about family and parents while studying abroad should actually stop worrying because, they are building their future and their parents will be proud of them when they are done, they will still be there waiting for the success. Getting new friends and new people to be the new family will actually help and ease the feelings of homesickness.

Mavrides argues that studying abroad is the problem with the observance of the new traffic rules, which is something I will say, is rather minor to prevent anyone from studying and achieving his or her goals (79; ch. 1). These rules are not that complicated an all that one is required to do is to study them carefully before setting out for a drive. Attending a driving class will actually help familiarize one with the traffic rules of a particular country and one will eventually learn and observe all those rules with no much problem. Therefore, in my opinion, those against studying abroad should not bring up small issues and make them look major issues in order to prevent an ambitious person from getting education and achieving his or her goals.

Another problem is the language barrier which is not a big problem to me because am actually enjoying learning a new language and teaching others my language. It may be difficult but with determination impossible is nothing. I came here knowing some English but I can say with time my English language has gradually improved. I started to improve my English language by starting to make friends and use talk with them on daily basis, I admit that it was hard at first because I had trouble understanding them and they had trouble understanding me, but thanks to their patience and determination to help me learn and become better in English I actually learned a lot from them. I didn’t learn my English by reading books or magazine’s I reached this level of English by determination and practicing it everyday with my friends who gave me a lot of their time and effort.

Finally, studying abroad helps students to become better citizens of their own country. International education studies allow students to learn about new ideas and techniques, which they can plant in their home country. In many of the Asian countries, the standard of education has improved due to increased number of students who seek international education. Better education has ensured better job opportunities. This has improved the standers of life in many countries as well.

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