Posted: September 20th, 2022

Supply Chain Homework Help

see attached – no plagiarism allowed – must be original work 

Outline for Supply Chain Management Project – Paper & Powerpoint Presentation

1. Paper should be no less than Six (6) typed pages and no more than eight (8) pages,
not including supporting documentation (graphs, charts, etc.).

Term Paper Specifications:

· Double-spaced, size 12 font

· Margins should be no more than 0.75 around

· Properly notate all references

2. In addition to the paper, please create at least five (5) PowerPoint slides (not to include cover slide). Must have a cover slide indicating student name, date, and topic.

3. The structure of the term paper should include the following:



i. Student name, date, topic



i. A few sentences summarizing what your paper is about.


Body of Report

i. Summarize article

ii. Include charts, etc., if required.


Analysis and Conclusions

i. What did you learn?

ii. Why is this important to know?

Paper topic is to be related to Supply Chain Management

Topic chosen: Careers in Supply Chain Management

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