Posted: August 2nd, 2022


I need help creating a presentation to present to stakeholders about an implementation plan. I will present the presentation but I need assistance with creating it. Also, I need help with a reflection. 


Promote all central and marginalized stakeholders’ involvement by designing a digital media presentation (CAEP A.1.1;). 

· First, develop a plan for how knowledge about the implementation plan will be shared and disseminated with others.

· Next, consider which technology platform you will use to generate your presentation (CAEP A.1.1.1;).

· Create the presentation making sure it includes the following components:

· A statement of the problem

· Data and graphic representation (CAEP A.1.1;)

· Goals and specific measurable objectives

· Procedures for implementing your proposed solutions

· A timeline for implementation

· Expected outcomes

· Ensure the presentation delivery and content meet the following criteria: 

· Clear (while you do not have to be rehearsed, you should know what you are presenting and know it well)

· Fluid (seamlessly go from one section of the presentation to the next)

· Visual (should include pictures, images, graphs, charts, etc. – whatever is appropriate to display the information you are presenting (CAEP A.1.1) – e.g., a table of organization of those responsible for the website that includes each person’s picture)

 Develop an insightful reflection analyzing what you have learned, discovered about yourself, what you think would and would not work (if you had implemented the plan), and explain why. Also, consider and discuss what you would do differently and why you would do it differently if given the resources and opportunity to implement the plan. 

You can choose how to share your reflection with your audience. This maybe a podcast, video (CAEP A.1.1), 2–3-page paper, or other form of representation (need approval from your mentor/UBS) 

Refer to the rubric in Week 7 and use the following questions as a guide:

· How did you feel about the project prior to the start of it?  What assumptions did you have prior to design and implementation? How, if at all, did those feelings change over time?

· What insights did you gain from the key issues and/or problems you posed when conducting your research, data collection and analysis throughout implementation?

· What did you learn about yourself during this experience?

· What were you able to do well?

· What did you find challenging to execute?

· What would you change about your execution?

· What did you learn from working with your collaborators?

· What types of unexpected problems popped up during the project? Would you change how you handled them?

· Where do you see areas of improvement in your design and execution of the plan?

· What would you do differently next time? Explain why.

· What did you learn from this project that you can apply to future projects?

· Do you have thoughts and considerations of new knowledge or experience that you will apply to your educational practices?

· What questions remain, if any?

· What advice would you offer to colleagues/classmates who will engage in this type of project next term?  

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