Posted: September 16th, 2022


In the resources of this module, you read about the implementation of ERP systems and how that implementation enabled different departments of the organization to share data to interact more effectively with each other.

Explore the benefits of an ERP (Systems Prior to ERP Implementation) from a different perspective. You will consider how systems functioned prior to the implementation of an ERP and the issues that arose from the lack of integration.

Part 1

Address the following:

· How were enterprise functional areas integrated before ERPs?

· What were some of the issues that arose from the lack of integration?

· Did the sales department talk to the marketing department?

· Did marketing talk to manufacturing?

· What is the impact of each department having its own system and database?

Part 2

Provide at least one additional issue that they did not mention and that would have existed because of the lack of integration or describe how the implementation of an ERP would eliminate one of the issues they did discuss.


Information Systems Management : Governance, Urbanization and Alignment

by Philippe Eynaud, , Daniel Alban, , Julien Malaurent, , Jean-Loup Richet, , and Claudio Vitari


John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated



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