Posted: August 23rd, 2021


DISCUSSION FORUM THE COLLAPSING CRIB CASE (boatright & Smith, 2017, PG 205) Book is not furnished.  Needs be APA Format.   required by  2PM Saturday PST time.  Please provide follow directions below. 

After reading the chapter and case study, please, analyze whether or not it is ethically and legally justifiable to hold both Kolcraft and Hasbro morally culpable and /or legally liable for the deaths of the children?
  Why or why not?
Support your conclusions by (at a minimum) Identifying, defining and then applying the following:
1. Moral Imagination
2. Moral Courage
3. The Kew Gardens Principles (all five)
4. At least two (2) Ethical Theories of your choice
5. A CSR Model
6. The applicable Law/ Legal Theory
Also, please remember to attach a digital copy of all your resources.

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