Posted: August 2nd, 2022

The High impact laws of Special Education

Please follow the assignment rubrics

2 double spacing

cite sources

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Module6: The High Impact Laws of Special Education


This module will focus on the candidate understanding and interpreting the ramifications of major laws

that impact special education.

Textbook Support

Yell, M. (2019). The Law and Special Education, (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Various Chapters


Using your textbook and pages provided, read the overview of each case and provide the following;

1. The name of the case

2. The central Issue

3. The ruling

4. Your personal agreement or disagreement with the ruling and why you agree/disagree.

Limit your discussion of each case to two-pages, double spaced


Cases Central Issue

1. BOE of Hendrick Hudson Central School District v. Rowley – Page 164-167 FAPE/ Placement

2. Doug C. v Hawaii – see link in course- Module 2 Parental Involvement

3. Larry P. v. Riles – Page 208-209 Racial Profiling

4. Deal v. Hamilton County BOE – see link in course- Module 2 IEP

5. Florence County School District 4 v. Carter – Page 304-306 Private Schools

6. Hartman v. Loudown County BOE – Page 269-270 Discipline/Placement

7. Honig v. Doe – Page 330-331, 336 Dangerous IEP Students

8. Doe v. Withers –Page 246, 309-310 Punitive Damages

9. Clyde K. v. Pauyakkup School District – Page 267, 273 BD/ED Placement

10. Irving Independent School District v. Tatro- Page 180-182 Related Services/Health


Due to the number (10) of cases that you will analyze in this module, there will be no application


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