Posted: June 20th, 2022

the United States and Iran (TinselWriter)

I have a paper to do today midnight. It’s analysis paper. It has to be minimum 4 pages but minimum 4 pages. Needs to be used at least two articles from mainstream news companies as sources like nytimes, cnn, bcc, wall street, washington post. The source must published after  The question is “In the next 5 years, will there be a war between the United States and Iran?” The paper should be cited in MLA format. 

The following questions also must be answered in the paper:

1.) How do states bargain with each other to get what they want, and what lessons apply to the U.S. and Iran?

2.) Of the factors that contribute to war and peace, which ones apply to the U.S. and Iran and why?


By the way, do not write about what countries you think they should do. Write about WHAT COUNTRIES WILL DO!

It should be 100% plagiarism free. 


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