Posted: November 21st, 2022

Thyroid cancer review

Cancer Public Service Announcement Project

The local chapter of the American Cancer Society has learned that you are taking a Cancer
Biology college course and have asked you to help them develop a public service
announcement. The goal of the announcement is to educate the general public on the biology of
one specific type of cancer and to encourage people to get screened, look for signs themselves,
or implement lifestyle changes that will reduce their chance of developing that specific type of

In this multi-step assignment, you will throughout the semester create a public service
announcement article.

This assignment addresses the following course outcomes:

identify properties involved in maintaining homeostasis in order to recognize how certain factors
contribute to cancer
recognize the complexity of cancer and assess current approaches for screening, diagnosis,
and treatment in order to adopt appropriate lifestyle strategies

apply knowledge of causes, development, and progression of cancer to ask questions and
make informed decisions about personal and public health

Step 4: Submit Public Service Announcement (20%) –

Your public service announcement should contain the following information:

Introduction: Share a few statistics about the chosen type of cancer and introduce what will be
covered (5 points).
Describe the known genetic and environmental factors that cause this type of cancer. Include
details about genes, inherited and spontaneous mutations, proteins, hormones, and known
carcinogens that are involved with the development of this type of cancer (20 points).
Using your knowledge of cancer cell and tissue biology, describe the development and
progression of this type of cancer (10 points).
Discuss the current approach for screening, diagnosis, and treatment for this type of cancer.
Include either an explanation of how one type of treatment works at the cellular level or discuss
an emerging innovative approach to treatment (15 points).
Discuss what can be done from a public health perspective, and from an individual perspective,
to reduce the risks associated with the development of this type of cancer (20 points).
Conclusion (5 points)
References in APA format (10 points) If you are using images include the source below the
image (url to website).
Length Requirement: 1200-1800 words (5 points)
Mechanics and organization of content will account for 10 points.

Your announcement should be fully paraphrased in your own words, your own writing style, and
structure. Changing just a few words in a sentence is not fully paraphrasing.

Use in-text citations within your assignment and a reference list at the end. Text from outside
sources either needs to be fully paraphrased in your own writing style (in-text citation is still
needed), or needs quotation marks around the copied text, plus an in-text citation after. There
should be a minimal need for direct quotes in this assignment (less than 10%).

Remember that your audience is the general public.

Submission format:

Submit your writing as a scientific article for the general public, as a Word document or PDF
file. Make sure you follow and cover all the Steps and requirements outlined above

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