Posted: August 4th, 2022

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Assignment 3 Template

Completed By:

Irvine Georges

Project Title:

Problem-Solving Persuasive Message

Case Situation:

Using a Ropes Challenge Course to Build Teamwork

PAIBOC Analysis


Use complete sentences and proper punctuation / grammar. Do not exceed one page.

P What is your purpose or your purposes? What do you want your audience to know, think, or do?

My purpose is to persuade the managing partner to allow me to make a presentation to the team responsible for the overseeing the integration of two firms.

A Who is your target audience? Describe the typical person in the group. What personal characteristics of your target audience are relevant to this message?

My target and initial audience is the managing partner, Sean Devlin.

I What information must you include in the message?

I must include that I believe that I can make a financial argument for the organizational development intervention, that the presentation won’t exceed 30 minutes because I know how valuable their time is, and an example of a rope challenge explaining what could come of the outcome.

B How can you build support for your position? What reasons or benefits will your target audience find convincing?

O What objections can you expect? How can you address the objections?

C What aspects of the context or situation might affect audience response?

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