Posted: June 20th, 2022

Twenty Five

you will need the previous unit 4 table 11.. Thanks


Unit V Assignment

Hazardous Noise Case Study

You have been hired as a consultant to help a local machine shop solve a hazardous noise problem. The shop is 10,000 square feet in area, with 12-foot high concrete block walls, and a flat metal roof. Inside the shop are two band saws, two metal lathes, three drill presses, one milling machine, and three abrasive grinders. The six employees work at benches located throughout the shop, using a variety of pneumatic-powered hand tools and non-powered tools. A recent noise survey found sound pressure levels exceeding 100dBA in some parts of the shop. All employees were monitored for noise exposure over an eight-hour workday, and the calculated TWA for noise for the employees ranged from 88dBA to 97dBA.

Using the Risk Assessment Matrix in Table 11 on page 122 of the course textbook, conduct an initial hazard analysis and risk assessment based on the information in the scenario provided. Discuss how you arrived at the risk level estimate.

Determine a possible control measure for each of the six levels in the hierarchy of controls on page 208 in the course textbook, and explain the reasoning behind each choice. For each of the selected control measures, reevaluate the original risk. In a summary paragraph, discuss the results and how the shop managers could determine which control measures would be required and which others might be beneficial to their operations.

Your paper must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting cover page and references, and follow APA formatting for the paper, as well as for all references and in-text citations.

On page 208 of my book there are 6 Hierarchy of controls of Z10 as stated by my given text book

A. Elimination.

Examples would be to eliminate the risk from, fall hazards, ergonomic hazards, confined space hazards, noise hazards, or chemical hazards.

B. Substitution of Less Hazardous Materials, Processes, Operations or Equipment Operations

Examples include using automated material handling equipment, providing automatic feed system to reduce machine hazards, using less hazardous cleaning materials, reducing speed, force, amperage. Reducing pressure or temperarture, replacing an ancient steam heating system and its boiler explosion hazards with a hot air system

C. Engineering Controls

These include. Machine gaurds, interlock systems, circuit breakers, start up alarms, prescence- sensing devices, safety nets and ventilation systems

D. Warnings

These include Smoke detectors, Alarm systems, Backup alarms, Chemical detection systems, signs and alerts in operating proceedures or manuals.

E. Administrative Controls.

These include.Personnel Selection. Developing appropriate work methods and procedures,training, supervision, Motivation, behavior modification, work scheduling, job rotation and investigations and inspections.

F. Provide Personal Protective Equipment.

This includes safety glasses, face shields, safety shoes, respirators, gloves, welding screens, and hearing protection.

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