Posted: September 19th, 2022

Unit 2 Complete

1200 words MINIMUM (not including cover/reference pages)

Requirement is at least three scholarly articles, ONE maybe the course textbook BELOW


Varma, A., & Budhwar, P. S. (2020). Performance management systems: An experiential

approach. SAGE.

UNIT2 Complete

1. What are the primary purposes of goal setting? Discuss SMART goals, providing at least one specific example of each of these 5 categories.

2. How do key performance indicators (KPIs) influence performance management systems? Provide examples.

3. Discuss the types of biases that may impact performance information. Give some examples.

4. Refer to the case study, Boosting Team Performance with Data Science at Google. Is the research process described in this case study effective in improving organizational performance? What skills would you need to carry out similar research in your organization?

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