Posted: September 20th, 2022

Unit 2 Discussion 1 – Patient Panel Regulation. 800w. 4 references. Due 9-12-22

Unit 2 Discussion 1 – Patient Panel Regulation. 800w. 4 references. Due 9-12-22

Panel management is a proactive approach used by primary care teams to offer care to a defined panel of patients attached to a physician or nurse practitioner. Panel Management extends far beyond episodic care and focuses on the broader needs of patients at and between care visits.

What is panel management? Panel management groups patients with similar needs to improve their quality of care and health outcomes. 1. By using a patient registry or other similar database, providers, administrators or non-medical staff members can help manage routine aspects of care.

Patient panels are developed by individuals with guidance from their organization’s internal experts. In some settings, such as government-run facilities, the patient panel structure is more strictly directed.

Respond to the questions in 800 words.

1. Briefly explain how a patient panel is constructed (for example, in a free-standing primary care clinic). Who is involved in the process? Are internal policies involved?

2. Should patient panel size and diversity be regulated by the government? Explain your position and thought on panel management.

3. What are effective strategies to manage patient panel and scope of practice?

4. Review the following article regarding panel management and state your input.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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